Losing weight battle! UGH

Tinker1987 - posted on 12/13/2011 ( 16 moms have responded )




Hi all, so i have been working out on my elleptical religiously,at least twice a day,about 20-25 minutes,and the scale is not going down, i dont eat much junk,i havent been buying anything, im starting to wonder if there is something off hormonally,Is it just me that cant seem to shed weight? the only other thing i think i can improve on is water intake, i barely drink water,i drank it religiously when i was pregnant,and i think thats why i didnt gain much pregnancy weight!! any tips would be wonderful.


Kay - posted on 12/14/2011




Portion size..a serving of cereal is 3/4 cup. I have a different theory than most. Try all the food tricks : portion control ,nothing white such as bread,pasta etc. But don't deny yourself. Always have dessert at dinner...1/2 cup sorbet, 1 ccokie with coffee, small piece of anything. But, NO exercising! Most of our weight problems come from stress and emotional eating. You need to pamper yourself while you are concentrating on your new way of eating. Take that 20 min of exercising and soak in the tub instead or lay on the couch and close your eyes.After you have lost some weight, you can always pick up the exercising. You will feel so good that you have lost weight that you can handle the stress of exercising.

Stifler's - posted on 12/14/2011




Are you on the pill? I am and I think that is what prevents me from losing weight as I've been doing the same stuff as you. Also I started taking magnesium and I feel a hell of a lot lighter and less hungry? Have you had your thyroid tested? I got mine tested and it turns out I'm just fat but that could be the go.


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Nicole - posted on 12/29/2011




Are you counting every calorie you eat. You may not realize that you are over eating. Even with eating healthy you can eat too much. Yes drink lots and lots of water. Even stuff you drink have calories you may not realize how much extra calories you are drinking. Drinks dont make you feel full so limit yourself to mainly water.

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Your body cannot lose weight unless you flush it out. Being dehydrated has many health negatives but one of them is water retention. I drink a lot of tea and I just dilute it because I am not a huge fan of water. I am just now losing weight (my daughter is 11 months) and I contribute my weight loss to my increase in liquids and I am recently a vegetarian. I don't push that lifestyle on anyone but if you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that will definitely help. I lost 17 pounds using the website/phone app loseit.com... Good luck!

Jenna - posted on 12/26/2011




Regular meals where you watch portion size. Cut out all soda, and I mean even diet. Drink LOTS of water, at least 64 oz a day or more. Have small, nutritious, protein-loaded snacks in between your meals. ALWAYS eat breakfast within an hour of getting up in the morning. Exercising in the morning is actually better for your body too, and before breakfast is probably best. Make sure you get a combination of cardio AND weight resistance. I don't think you need to exercise twice a day, just try to stay active throughout the day. Get a pedometer and see how much you do move and if you don't move enough (I think around 10,000 steps is considered active), get up and move more.

And really, if you're not drinking water, you must be drinking something. If it's not water, it adds to your caloric intake and can be very damaging in any weight loss program.

Eva-Lotta - posted on 12/25/2011




Hi. I only briefly looked at some of the responses and sighed when I saw "don't stress about exercising". Exercise shouldn't be stressful!!! It should be relaxing, something you enjoy, something that fills you with energy where you will feel refreshed and good afterwards. The one thing you shouldn't stress about is your weight.
Yes the end goal is loosing some kg's perhaps but the most important thing in journey is to loose bodyfat! So get yourself a set of scales that measures your bodyfat % (one of my clients recently lost 0.2kg but 5.7% body fat and lost 7cm around her hips in 5 weeks!! yes, I'm a personal trainer).
Look at your eating; portion size and make very mouthful count. When you eat something, think to yourself "do i really need this, is it going to do me any good, how will I feel after I have eaten it"... If you have a little bit of a slow metabolism - eat often! I recommend 5-6 meals per day (breakfast should be your biggest meal and dinner should be smallish as your body have all day to burn up the energy whereas it doesn't have much chance to burn of dinner)...
Don't do the same thing every day, mix it up. Do different things: yoga, weights, cardio, next time you go to the playground with bub look at all the monkey bars and rty and do some chin ups etc on the equipment... There are so much you can do and fit around with bub. Get yourself a personal trainer (even just to do a session once a month or something to get some new ideas)...
If you want more ideas or more info let me know.

Kymberly - posted on 12/16/2011




Have your thyroid checked. After pregnancy things change throughout your body.

Crystal - posted on 12/16/2011




My husband is a huge work out guy. He says if you do the same workout ever day then your only working the same mucles everday. maybe you need to mix up your work out. And I heard some were that lifting weights help loss more weight then cardio. So buy some weights and try lifting some or do work out videos.

Tinker1987 - posted on 12/15/2011




thanks,as soon as i can get the sound working with the DVD i will be starting turbo fire workouts,you may have seen them on tv,they are intense,so im looking forward to changing up the routine..

Christy - posted on 12/15/2011




You may have reached a plateau with your workout. Try something else like a video, running, etc. It's also important to "shock" your system. Put in some high intense cardio in spurts, like one minute at a time, going to medium for 2 minutes, back to intense. Also , ad in some light weight training. Lunges with weights, arm and leg workouts you can do at home, etc (preferrably after the cardio). Try to eat fresh foods instead of processed foods. Think fresh veggies, fruit *limited amounts, and lean protein. Good luck!

Melysa - posted on 12/15/2011




protein and regular meals! don't cut out too much or you miss out on vital nutrients and if your body doesn't get the right balance then you could underway and still not lose much weight it is a preservation technique the body has if you think you don't get the right amount of required vitamins and minerals take a good multi vitamin but it doesn't need to be expensive when the balance corrects itself and your body feels that it is able to continue to get these nutrients it will let go of the excess kilos and you should be able to maitain your weight much easier good luck I have 5 if I can you can

Steph - posted on 12/14/2011




Hello I actually joined a gym that does an amazing job I have a personal trainer she got all my measurements weight and body fat. Then she got a routine and I work out 3 times a week and do zumba 2 times a week. She 80% of weight loss comes from the food we eat you should eat 30 -45 mind after you wake up then every 3 hours you need carbs if your gonna work out just eat whole wheat bread or pasta (read ingredients cause some may say whole wheat but are bleached, or unbleached the first ingredient must be just WHOLE GRAIN) do not eat potatoes, crackers or chips, no soda just try to stick with water nothing with sugars more then 14 grams. If you would like more info contact me!! I am doing great And it's only been since Dec 1. I am a mother of 3 kids I needed to change!!!

Tinker1987 - posted on 12/14/2011




I am on the pill,after i had my son i went back on Alesse 21,i used it for 8 years prior, i think i will get blood work done to rule it out, i admit i eat a little much at supper,ill have to work on portions, i baught TURBO fire workout videos but i havent tried them yet because i cant get the sound to work when the dvd player is on lol

Adrienne - posted on 12/14/2011




Focus more on how you feel and how your clothing is fitting than on what the scale says. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you may feel healthier, your clothes may be fitting better - but the scale will say that you haven't lost an ounce because you're building lean muscle mass while shedding fat. I refuse to own a bathroom scale for this reason. According to weight charts, for my height and frame my optimal weight is 125. According to my body, in peak physical condition (which I'm not right now) optimal is 135-140. That said, also drink lots of water. It will help to fill you up and you'd be surprised at how much water weight we hold onto as women when we're technically dehydrated.

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