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Hi girls, I'm new here... So be gentle as I pour my heart out hoping someone can relate and steer me in the right direction or give me insight, or make me laugh, or... well, let me cut to the chase. I'm a married mom of 3 happy and healthy kids ages 6, 2, and 1. I've been at SAHM for 6 yrs and counting. Been a darn good one. I do mommy groups, mom & me tot classes, volunteer at school and church events - you name it, I've done it. I stay physically active. During this time, I also went back to college. Pre-kids I was a paralegal. Now I'm a junior studying to be a teacher. I love my kids more than life. To say I don't enjoy being a SAHM, i'd be lying to myself and the world. I'm constantly posting pics on FB and Instagram of messes, projects, backyard playdates, and other fun stuff I do with my kids. I also understand that many working moms wish they could be home like I am. So I don't take any of this time for granted. I value the "early years" and the importance of bonding and development. I GET IT. However, in the past year or so I've been anxiously wishing my kids, especially the younger ones, to grow faster so I can go back to working. I find myself envying the friends on FB who post stupid status of how they hate their job. I'm tired of the housewife routine. Yes, I know "work outside the home" is also routine after a while. And I will someday be one of those that can't wait for Friday. But for now I can't wait to go back to work and feel like a valued member of society... OH did i just go there?? Yes, unfortunately I did. Sorry but the reality is people feel like SAHM are not as smart as working moms. The fact is the world doesn't appreciate SAHM anymore. Thanks to reality tv, we are portrayed as lazy, shopaholics, vain, gym addicts, and nanny exploiters inconvenienced by motherhood. Sometimes even my husband says insensitive comments like "oh you have it easy, you just play with the kids. I wish I could be a stay at home parent." When the truth is, he wouldn't last a month away from the job he loves so much. I have to smack some sense into him as to what happens to during the day so that he eats his words and apologizes. I know he loves me and appreciates my sacrifice, but the world's message is affecting him. It is affecting us all. So what should I do? I love being a mom. I hate being at home doing housewife stuff ALL DAY long. After being home 6 years, it is really selfish of me to want to go to work? I've voiced my feelings to my husband but he's not sure what we should do. This "unhappy" SAHM feeling is taking a toll in how I feel about our marriage. I don't want to blame him for how I feel. Don't think it's his fault or anyone's fault. It's just me, feeling like a caged bird. I'm to the point of wanting to go to counseling about it because sometimes I get so down, angry, and trapped. Is it normal? Will going back to work help us or hurt us?How should we tackle this? Please help me see a light at the end of the tunnel here. Thanks... and remember please, be gentle with me. please :o)


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