Love being home with my boys, but sometimes miss working!

Kandace - posted on 02/04/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Lately I have been wishing I could work at least part-time. This time of year is especially hard, due to the weather. I was just wondering if anyone was having these same thoughts. Would just like to chat with someone who misses the outside world :)


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Kate - posted on 02/05/2010




l always said l didn't have to go to work, l got to go to work. l don't get to anymore. l think at this point if l had to work, l would have to go to work. l can't keep up as it is. How would l handle a job, too? For me, hobbies and seeing othe moms once a week and the internet keep me sane.

Julie - posted on 02/04/2010




LOL HI Kandace. I know exactly how you feel. I have been home with my kids for almost 8 years now and every winter I feel exactly the same way.

There are a couple of things I do that can help. First I have joined several classes during the day with my youngest son. I get to go out and talk with other moms who are going just as crazy as I am. We form a little network and have each other over from time to time or go out with the kids during the day. I also have connected with some of the moms from my older son's school and we have coffee or just talk on the phone from time to time. It's important for you to build a little network if you are going to be home for a while.

I do work part time but from home, but it keeps my mind busy even if I don't get the adult conversation I do get the mental stimulation I need.

Good luck!

Sheree - posted on 02/04/2010




YES, i feel the same. I also think although i would be working, it would be a break. I have enquired at work (where i am currently on maternity leave) about going back casual or part time of a night when my hubby is home. Plus a little bit of adult conversation would go astray either.

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