Maia's started to teeth and won't chew on anything else but her hands. Got any idea's?


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Diana - posted on 12/29/2009




My older daughter who is two now was the same. my three month old has started to suck/ chew her and and anything that comes near her mouth. like my husband hands and arm when he holds her.
i gave my older daughter teething rings which i keep in the refrigerator. some of my friends have put the rings in the freezer so to keep cold longer. the cold soothes the gum's. they say a wet face washer.

Anna - posted on 12/28/2009




Just wipe her hands regularly if you are worried about germs. Don't use fragranced soap or wetwipes though or it might put her off doing it and then she won't have any comfort.
My son doesn't like teething rings either - I think they probably taste plasticky. If she's old enough to be chewing finger foods, you can bake fingers of toast in a cool oven until they are really hard and offer her those to chew instead. Or you can try giving her a chilled damp wash cloth to chew. Or freeze breastmilk/formula into ice cube trays, tie one cube into a clean cloth and let her suck on that. The old trick is to rub a little whiskey on the gums but I'm not sure how healthy that is!

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What's wrong with chewing on her hands? I know it doesn't look great, but her hands are always on standby for when she needs them, she can't drop them, besides it makes her a little bit independant to be able to soothe herself when she needs it. I agree as mother's we would probably prefer our bubbas to leave their hands out of their mouths but its what works for them so let it be while they need it.

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