Max and Ruby instils satanic ideals in our youth

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Good morning everyone, my grandchildren (ages 3 & 5) have recently started watching this show on treehouse titled "Max and Ruby". For those who don't know, Max and Ruby follows the life of 7 year Ruby and her mischievous younger brother who constantly torments her and is the embodiment of the dark lord Lucifer. Throughout the entire show, there are many subliminal allusions to Paganism through symbolic acts and rituals such as initation ceremonies into the Bunny Scouts Cult, ritualistic sacrifice of human symbols (they sell chocolate cookies, a known pagan symbol) among many others. Me and some gals from the neighbourhood have already organized a protest effort against this pollution and we encourage all good Christian mothers to do likewise. God bless.

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Elizabeth - posted on 04/01/2013




Is it really called the Bunny Scouts Cult? Do you call all organized groups that require initiations and inductions cults? Even Christian Sororities and Fraternities? I feel like people search for negative imagery and messages in children's cartoons. Girl Scouts sell cookies, are they Pagans? I don't understand... Also... what little brother doesn't torment his big sister and vise versa? I think they are just portraying accurate childhood themes.

Answer me this, are you opposed to Veggie Tales, a known Christian series, because it also reveals the evil in the world and it VERY SCARY for little kids, it tends to make my daughter cry.

Max and Ruby is a stupid cartoon in general and if you're against that should be why, stupid bratty bunny kids. Along with that show Caillou... that kid is annoying. I don't let my daughter watch either of those.

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