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Hey ladies, like all of you I am a stay at home mom. I love doing what I do. I have a son, Tyler who will be 4 in December and a daughter, Shayna who is 13 months old. They are a handful, let me tell you! Their room is always messy and there's a never ending pile of dirty clothes/dishes. My feet hit the ground running from the time I wake up in the morning which is 5am until I lay my head on my pillow which is around 10pm. My son goes to daycare two days outta the week, which is a nice break because my 13 month old still takes naps. I get ME time in the morning around 9am when Shayna takes a nap for an hour, but I'm playing with my I guess that doesn't count huh. My ME time starts at 7pm, when the kids go to bed for the night. I usually read a book, take a bath or watch TV with my husband and talk about how our days went. I was just wondering when all you SuperMama's get YOUR time and how do you spend it?


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I was a single mama when my son was little. My ME time was spent in the bathtub. I've always enjoyed a nice hot bath. When I put him to bed each night - I'd get me a cup of hot tea, run a bath, do a face mask and read a book. That was my time to rejuvenate. Taking time for yourself is important - but remember, there will be a time coming when you'll have all the ME time you could want and you'll yearn for the days when they just wanted to be near you! My son is almost 12 and there are days when I would give anything to have him "under foot". LOL

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I normally what I do is go out once a month or every other month out. Friday nights we normally grab a movie and watch it at home with the kids. When it comes to Saturday we take the kids somewhere and Sunday is rest day. LOL!!

But parents do need our time, I go out with my husband and friends. This is a good stress releaser for me and a great way for it to be Mommy & Daddy time.

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