Mirena and Pregnancy

Regina - posted on 01/28/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have had my mirena for two years now and never really had any problems...the last time my husband and I had some "special time" was a few months ago. I lost weight but am now starting to gain weight, breaking out, tired, food aversions and cravings, dizziness, bloating, and my mood swings are the worst!! I am worried that I am pregnant, but am afraid to go buy a test. My question is, is this even possible? I have already had three children and I know what i feel like when im pregnant. And i definately feel pregnant!! Im not sure whether or not to tell my husband and Im terrified of what will happen if im pregnant yet again. He and I have been apart for awhile now and I dont know how this will affect how were doing as a couple as of right now. Im jsut confused and terrified and would love some answers. I know I also took some antibiotics around that timeframs because of a tooth problem. Any advice would be appreciated!! :)


Ashleigh Jade - posted on 01/31/2012




No form of bc is 100% .. Although the mirena has a high efficency rate, there is still the slightess of chances you may have concieved... More then not while the mirena is inserted if pregnancy occurs its an eptopic pregnancy, results in a miscarrige due to the mirena still being implanted and if the mirena has moved or even fallen out ( which does happen ) you may well be pregnant. I currently have the mirena inserted and has been nothing but a bad experience for me since insertion, good luck and get tested if there's any question about pregnancy, better to be safe then sorry


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MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 01/31/2012




I have a Mirena still in it's package up in my closet... My doctor recommened it since I am over 35 and smoke, then I researched it and have friends that "hated" it due to all the complications they had with it. So, my husband and I use condoms! LOL We have a 13 year old and a 15 month old, we don't want anymore... if it happens though, it happens and we would figure it out... ;)

MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 01/28/2012




No BC is 100%. A Mirana can fall out too without even knowing... Good Luck! ;)

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