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Kim - posted on 12/13/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




My Husband and I are thinking about having another child. I have the Mirena iuc and i was wondering how long it has taken other people to get pregnant after they have had it removed.


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Yeah stress can effect fertility so chill out. Every time I got pregnant I didn't until after I gave up on watching it and ignored it, that's when I got pregnant. Also I got pregnant in July with both of my kids, so I'm thinking that's my fertile month some how. It sounds like you are almost there being a normal cycle and all. If it took about 5 months for you to go back to normal that puts me around July if I do the same, which means another March baby. I must be crazy, 3 kids so close and not long after Christmas is over, sheesh. But oh well, we are up for it. Happy Ovulating! And Good luck to you.

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Have you had a full normal menstrual cycle yet? I haven't and the doctor said that's important for you to get pregnant. So far my periods are short and barely even there.

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The doctors say not to expect to get pregnant until after 6 months. I had mine taken out a couple of months ago and still no baby. I was very fertile with both my other kids, got pregnant the same time range with both of them, so we shall see in July I guess. I noticed a decline with my sex drive and a drastic difference in it after I had it removed, I don't think I will be getting another one. Sucks I liked not having my period. But I have to wonder if that caused the problem to begin with.

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