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Hey everyone , well im new to this and im always been a person to stay to myself but i feel the need to start something different and find friends im 24 years of age.... I had a miscarriage in april 2017 it was heartbreak for me and my husband then it so happen that after my D&C i got pregnant again ..... Im currently 8 weeks today and ive started bleeding again.... But a week ago i was also bleeding so i visited the ER and there was a heartbeat, the next day it stop.... But now it starts again and at this point , im scared and don't know what to do i have a visit with my OBGYN on wednesday to hear if everything is okay or if its happening again....... I cant do it again another miscarriage it will break me...... Ive prayed and prayed and im still praying . ive been reading about other moms that had more miscarriage and how they still camr out strong . You guys are so brave and strong.


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Tara - posted on 06/18/2017




I was 17 when I lost my first child and had a D&C in december, got pregnant that following June I had bleeding and issues I cried and freaked myself out before every doctor visit and refused to go to the ER scared of bad news, they didn't find a heart beat a few times and had me go back the next day or a few days later and found it that time. My best advice is just try... Try is the key word... To enjoy the moments of pregnancy. My oldest is 8 and I now have a 4 year old and 8 month old, I still freaked out with those pregnancies and cried a little before every appointment. There is nothing wrong with fear, just please don't let it take over to the point you don't enjoy the amazing steps of pregnancy throughout the way. Best of wishes to you!

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