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Has anyone ever heard of interface modeling company?? they were at my local mall the other day and wanted my son (21 months) to go in for a free phone shoot. They talked about him being in ads and things like that. but i dont know if its a scam or what, they called me today asking if i could come in tomorrow, idk if we should go or what

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InterFace representatives defraud families that they find at malls or theme parks. They give false hope to children and charge parents thousands of dollars for poorly executed photo shoots. The owner Mr. Vintfeld has been involved in lawsuits in two different states and the company has endured hundreds of consumer complaints. InterFace violates the Consumer Fraud Act and needs to make retribution to all of the families the company has hurt.

Ricky - posted on 11/27/2010




I googled it out of curiosity and I got a lot of different websites saying stuff about interface being a scam.
I was looking into modelling or acting for my son before (but chose not to) and one piece of advice I can tell you is you dont need to pay for headshots for children this young. Most places will take a recent instead of head shots because children change so much so fast that they dont you wasting money on photos that wont last very long. So if you go to an agency and they tell you to go to a specific photographer or charge you ridiculous prices for photos it is most likely a scam.

Kimberly - posted on 11/27/2010




I have never heard of a company like that. I have heard of people taking pictures and using the babies and kids they take pictures of as targets for snatchers. They pretend to do these kind of things and when u fill out the paperwork (in order to send the "check" to you) they get your address and information. They've even had parents bring them in for the photo shoot and ask the parents to leave so that you dnt distract the child while shooting and all the while they run with your child. Unless you have ever heard of the company, I would not trust them!!! Holidays are the worlds worst about scammers so please be very cautious and careful.

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