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Hi Im 27 weeks pregnant, was diagnosed with subchorionic bleed at 8 weeks on bed rest 7 weeks on and off. Then after that had healed (18 weeks). I went into early labor at 20 weeks, contractions dialated to a finger tip, cervical softening and funneling put on procardia and bedrest. My cervix is now firm again and closed with minimal funneling. Doc's say I can 'be on my feet up to 60 minutes at a time' now. And keep saying 'Modified bedrest' what exactly does that mean I have a 2 yr old and am used to being very active, having worked out 5+ days before finding out i was prego. Now IM GOING CRAZY not working or working out, just cleaning and cooking and tending to my toddler. HELP please any specific activity instructions would be helpful. Thanks


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I was on complete bed-rest.....meaning in the hospital for 6 26 weeks of my last pregnancy. I had the softening and funneling too, so pre-term labour risk. I could only get up to go the bathroom and shower once a day (there was a chair in the hospital shower). I also had gestational diabetes, which I had been managing with exercise. Well, that was not an option now, so I ended up taking insulin shots several times a day. I thought I would lose my mind!! I could do leg exercises in bed, but that was all. Once I hit 30 weeks they let me do a bit of walking down the hall, starting out at 10 minutes per day. Then 10 minutes twice a day.....then 15. When I reached 31 weeks they released me and sent me home. My mom had moved into my house (yes, with hubby!) to watch my 2 older children while I was hospitalized. Which was so helpful because you cannot do modified bed-rest with a 3 year old and 5 year old running around all day!! Once home I could still use the bathroom, take a shower (no baths), and join the family for meals. I would make my own snacks too since I had a strict diet due to the GD. But absolutely no exercise.....especially any lifting, squatting, or sit ups obviously. I did do some arm exercises with soup cans. just basically to keep get so stiff lying around in bed! And I was not supposed to do stairs....but I did. I just limited how many times I went up and down. I would go lay down to rest a couple of times a day..... often the kids would join me for story time. But basically I had to let any concerns about staying in shape go. Body image went right out the window after touring the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. I did not want to be in that position, and it gave me the strength to listen to Doc's orders....even though I was going crazy and bored, bored, bored. You gotta do what is best for the baby. And you'd be surprised how great just doing easy stretches can be for your body! At 35 weeks I did start doing little walks with the kids and that was nice. If you are closed now, you might be able to swim. I couldn't do this because I was just enough open to still have concern. but swimming is very good for you body...assuming you don't do water aerobics or anything like that.
I was lucky that it happened in the summer so I could go out on the porch and sit in a chair, or the backyard in my lounger and still be around my kids. It was nice just to be able to sit and watch them play together. Sometimes when you are playing with them, you try and control or direct their was nice just to see where their imaginations would take them. And it helped to pass the days. But I am thankful now for the "rest" because once baby #3 arrived safe and got busy, busy, busy!!

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You really need to relax because you aren't even close to being full term and your history so far has been very dangerous. You can sit to play with your toddler. You really shouldn't workout right now because it will not help you keep your baby in you and you know that. After you have your baby, you can continue to workout just as you did before.

Keep in mind by listening to your Dr, you are keeping your baby safe. Relax and read or watch movies or shows with your little one. Have cuddle time, take baths and just relax as much as possible. You don't need to worry about being supermom right now, concentrate on taking care of your toddler, your body, and your little bun in the oven =)

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