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Renee - posted on 08/19/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello everyone! I have a two-year old son who I have never left with anyone other than family members. I am too nervous to even leave him in the church nursery. My son is always with me and I get anxious when he is not. What's funny is that I think I have more "separation anxiety" than my toddler. :) I know that it would do both of us good if he started going to an age appropriate group (church, moms day out, etc) but the idea makes me nervous. Are there any other moms who have felt this way? Any tips on how to comfortably work up to where I can leave him with someone else for a short time?


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Jay - posted on 08/25/2013




Hi there! I know this feeling all to well! My daughter is actually an hour away RIGHT NOW and I can't sleep AND she's with my parents!!! I guess what works best for me is that I just do it. I know it's best for her nd I try not to show my anxiety when I leave her. If we hold them too close they will suffer is my way of looking at it now. I had to send her to a sitter( my worst nightmare) so I could go back to work. I almost didn't start my job at the time because I was so nervous to send her... but I did and she loved it. As anxious as I get, I just tell myself "it's whats best for her"

Tracy - posted on 08/19/2013




Welcome to the club! I was the same way. My issue has to do with safety. I don't trust others with my children. I have never, other than family, had a babysitter. My oldest is 15, my youngest is 4. I had to step back around the age of 8ish and allow him out of the driveway to go play with neighborhood boys. But - I knew where he was going , with whom he was going and when he would be back - that's a moms job! I don't think it is wrong. My 15 year old is normal. I say find a few moms play groups and run with it. Social for both of you with you still with him!

User - posted on 08/19/2013




I do! I have had to let go some because my baby isnt a baby anymore, hes a little boy or he says a "man" lol. I do not like the thought on how people say they are going to watch him and they dont really, they just let him run around everywhere letting him have whatever he wants. Or thse people who abuse kids and you'd never know it, the thoughts are endless. I think that every mom thinks about that stuff, but its harder on us stay at home moms. We are with them so much and we want them to be watched as we watch them, but I think there is a time to come that we do have to let there wings spread.
lol Im not saying fully but to give them more independance to those who we trust. Church is a good place to start. Truthfully for me, leaving my little one with he youth group isnt an option for me. Im a new member and I dont knwo the people well enough, I am afraid of what he will do as in they wont be able t stop him from doing something awful. And I think that he is too small for the group, even when there are ones around his age in it, just giving myself excuses lol.
But church really is a good place to start. Get to know the people, watch them for a few minutes with him before you leave and keep with in ear distance to keep yourself calm.
I have left my son with people he dont normally see but I know well and it worked out fine. I was uncomfortable at first and glad to make it back but it was better after I saw him enjoying himself.

Dont worry I have this too and i know many more people do too, we arnt alone and it is normal. It just takes time and we have to sometimes have those uncomfortable moments to let ourselves get used to it and make it more part of normal life.

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