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Katherine - posted on 11/04/2011




Melanie, click on the link to join.

I know how you feel though. I'm a single mom and my ex only takes the kids on Saturdays. I too have turned things pink lol.

Your husband works, ok, but you work 24/7. You are not worthless you take care of your kids. You do EVERYTHING it sounds like and it sounds pretty productive to me.
I also have a demanding 2 year old. They are like that, little human beings who need constant attention. You obviously need a break.

Could your husband at least give you an hour everyday? Or a girls night out once a week? The "I'm tired" thing doesn't fly with me.
What does he think, you sit on the couch eating bon bons all day?
You really need to talk to him about this, it's a serious issue. The more burned out you get, the more dysfunctional and depressed you are.
Why don't you join a moms group? Have some other moms to talk to.
There is, your storytime at the library, school play dates etc.....

Sounds like you really need a break.

Melanie - posted on 11/04/2011




I will vent... I am so tired of my husband thinking I just lay around all day and do nothing. I run raggged trying to keep up with the housework, pay attention to my 2 year old that is super demanding, drive my to older daughters all over town, deal with thier drama and offer advice. I realize he gets up early and goes to work, but he comes home every day and takes a I get a nap... NO. I have developed a twitch in my eye...I rarely get a shower and if I do it is with my son. I am just so tired and I feel so sad. It seems like the only feedback I get from anyone is negative. The kids are bratty because I don't do a good job raising them, my son is whining because I spoiled him, the bank account isn't full because I don't know how to do the bills right, the shirt turned pink in the laundry because I don't know how to do the laundry. The 100 loads of laundry that turned out fine never got a comment. The kids making honor roll every single time, never got a comment, the house being clean every day never gets a comment. I used to work and make just as much and sometimes more than my husband. I decided to stay at home and have another baby, but now I don't know if that was the right choice. I am so torn. I don't want to leave my son at daycare, but I am not sure how much longer I can go feeling worthless and unappreciated.


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