more babies? im so ready.

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we are so ready for an other child. but my husband is goin to be joinin the national gaurd. im scared that he may get deployed, or if we were to get pregnant he would miss the baby's birth. do any moms on here have any advice for fathers/hubbys in the gaurd? what should i expect? the biggest "?" is should we start tryin for a child now or should we wait?


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just found out that my husband will have to be deployed for atleast a year out of his 6 year contract. what is a wife to do when her best friend, husband and baby's daddy is gone for a full year. i have no family in the same town they are two hours away. thats not to far, but i have no one up here as friends. but its time for me to "MAN UP" and deal with it. i never knew that this was comin in to our lives. thats for sure. what do i except?

Ann - posted on 05/19/2011




having another child is a personal choice i cant answer that one for you but my husband is in the army reserves its kind of the same as the guard your hubby wouldnt get deployed right away he will have to finish boot camp ,his training for his mos and on top of that he would have to get assigned to a unit and the unit that he gets assigned to might have already been deployed i believe there is a year wait in between deployment i hope that helps some

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