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Chaya - posted on 03/10/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I want to have another child, my daughter is 23 months, but I'm in my 30's so I feel an urgency about the matter. My husband thinks it is better to only have one kid! Are any of you going through something similar, or have any of you gone through it and had another kid when your partner wasn't sure? any advise would be appreciated....I don't want my girl to be an only child.


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I convinced my husband to have a second child. It worked out okay sice he wasn't dead set against it. Now I'm trying to get him to agree with a third. A few more months and I think I can get him to come around. The thing is, your husband has to be on board (at least half- heartedly) or you guys will have problems later. If you don't have another, your daughter will be fine.

Torey - posted on 03/10/2010




Hi Chaya,

I truely understand how you feel. My husband told me that he was happy with just us having my son, but I wanted atleast one more. We would go back and fourth for awhile on if we would have another one of not. But when it came down to it we did have another one while two more to be correct since it was twins. lol A friend of mine helped us out. The way she helped was by telling us to think about our son and what would happen to him if something happen to both of us. What would happen is that he would be along, but if we would give him a brother or sister then he would have someone else. I hope that this helps you out.


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