mother in law!!!!!!

Tammy - posted on 12/17/2009 ( 16 moms have responded )




worst problem with yr mother in law!!!!

aways being up our butts!!!


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Brittney - posted on 12/31/2009




ur husband should b home ALONE when she comes over let her do that to him then remind both of them that shes the one who raised him u gotta call her out about at least once my dad and i fight like once a year about my kids it still comes up after a while again but he knows where i stand

Brittney - posted on 12/31/2009




my mil and i r actually good friends i think we would have been even if we had met under dif circumstances my own father however would love to just raise the kids himself for all the screwing up he thinks i do every once in a while i lit into him and he just walks away not a perm solution but he knows how i feel i tell him they r mine u raised urs i turned out great ( thanks dad ) but my sisters r screwed up u had ur chance to raise kids now let me have mine and when i screw them up they will have me to thank and u to call up crying thats ur role

Gidgit - posted on 12/30/2009




Wow! Ladies I thought my MIL was bad but you guys have me BEAT!! Mine live 4 hours away and we only see her once a year, mostly. But we've had our times.. when hubby and I were first together she told his whole family nasty lies about me! She had them thinking I was cheating and doing all kinds of things.

Thankfully hubby put an end to that. My MIL lived with us for a while.. she is on a fixed income and got mad because I would not drive her 3 blocks to the corner store to buy smokes that she could not somke in the house.. One thing I won't ever have to worry about is her trying to tell me about my kids. She lost two of her in the 70's to DHS and they were placed for adoption.. so hubby will make her keep her mouth shut about our kids.

Marquita - posted on 12/30/2009




I have a very nice mother-in-law BUT I dont like dat fact she always askin my hubby(her son) for money like she dont have a man!!!! I'm not tryin to be mean but we have bills,kids,and etc. I know she dont work but askin for money all da time man!!!!!!!!

Ashley - posted on 12/29/2009




oh boy where do I start bout my MIL?! Haha...Well, my husband is in the military and so we live in Germany now. While I was pregnant my MIL and I got into it over my husband staying in the army or getting out and then ended up somehow telling her she won't have anything to do with my son. And she replied ya, once we confirm he is our grandson! WTF?! Are you serious lady?! I visited the family when my son was around 4 mo. old. She not once came over to where I was staying to see her grandchild. I invited her to my babyshower, and a get together with the whole family....she didn't show to anything. I don't like going over to her place b/c it's sooo stinky and she smokes and well I just don't want my son rinking of smoke! She ended up complaining to my husband that we didn't visit her enough on that visit. We visited again after my husband got back from Iraq. My son was going on 1 by then...she knew where we were staying once again. She only came out once! And it was just to pick my husband up so they could visit a family member in the hospital. He had to tell her to come inside to see our son. When we visited her house, she didn't even have my son's pictures up that she threw a fit over....ones she just had to have. We went to a halloween party, she ignored us the whole time, maybe said hi to our son and thats it. We had a bday party for my son while we were there so he could have one with the family...she never showed! Actually nobody showed from my husbands side. It's always my side of the family that is doing things. Oh and when my husband calls his mother she never really asks bout our son. She always changes the subject to a kid he had with an ex that he has no relationship with (we will not get into that...long story as well). She adores his ex but seems to hate me for some reason. I've given this lady chances and well she just ruins them! She actually accused me of stealing my son's xmas money that she had sent!!! It hasn't even made it here yet! And why in the world would I do that in the first place? At least I have an account for him!

Jennifer - posted on 12/28/2009




I have an absolutely wonderful MIL. I constantly tell my hubby that I would just much rather tell people that his mom is my mom and he can have my parents. Just don't get me started on my own mom!

Christy - posted on 12/28/2009




i too have issues with my MIL. she doesn't follow through with the things i have my daughter doing at home (example: when i weaned her from her bottle her dad finally had to tell his mom to throw away the bottles in front of him because she always had one when we came to pick her up, even after telling MIL time after time that she wasn't supposed to have them anymore. the same thing happened with the binky b/c she had a spare at her house that we didn't know about!)

she also believes in quantity over quality. she goes to thrift shops and gets my daughter tons and tons of ugly, stained clothes then i have to bring them home and figure out what to do with them! i shop at thrift shops and yard sales too but i always make sure there are no stains and that the clothing style is fairly current.

the quantity over quality thing extends to toys too. for Christmas, she got my daughter dolls that had weird colored streaks in their hair and that were missing half their clothes and, my biggest problem, a rusty, squeaky tricycle that my daughter is too young for (17 months). i was so upset about the tricycle because i had visions in my head of her 2nd b-day when she would open up the beautiful pink and/or purple tricycle that i got her and squeal with delight...all of that's going to go right down the drain now since she has one at nan and pap's...

plus she is constantly making not-so-subtle remarks about how i need to go back to work even though she is fully aware that Travis and i made the decision for me to be a SAHM together. he sticks up for me every time but i really wish that she would keep her opinions to herself.

sorry to be so long winded but i have been dying to vent about my MIL for awhile now lol.

Wendie - posted on 12/28/2009




I got lucky my mother in law stayed with the ex wife lol I dont have to deal with her

Abby - posted on 12/28/2009




geez im glad my mother inlaw don't talk to me, just tell her to back off what she gonna do be pissed off with u who cares least it gets her off your back

Farhat - posted on 12/18/2009




Now i,m really thinking of my mother in law to be an angel !!THANK GOD I have a very sweet MIL.In my case it's not my MIL but FIL who has exchanged her duties !!

Renae - posted on 12/18/2009




There is a thread going in another community just like this one and its hilarious! This will be the 3rd time I have posted about MIL and I'm scared a relative is going to see - but I can't help myself!

Here's a list for you!

Uses spare key to let herself into my house any time.

Copies my calendar into her diary so she knows when I will be home.

Put her work roster on my fridge so I can schedule around her.

Visits SIL nearly every day

Sleeps over and has a room at SIL's to help with kids

Wants a room here (NOT happening!)

Only got her to stop coming every day by constantly saying no I wont be home and putting fake things on my calendar

20 questions every time she walks in the door - he shouldnt be eating that much, he should be having 2 naps a day now not 3, I use the wrong diaper rash cream, I bath him wrong, dress him wrong, should be giving him orange juice (he has REFLUX!), he should be on his tummy the whole time he is awake (WTF???) yada yada yada it goes for HOURS

Whenever I answer one of her million questions she says "but how do you know" ARGH that agrivates me!

The worst one is "I'm not interferring I'm helping" my god I could strangle her!

I could be here all night...

Oh wait I have to include this one. She can't stand that because she doesn't see my baby for at least a few hours every day like she wants, he doesn't know her as well as he knows me (like SIL's kids are just as happy to go to grandma than mum). So she comes over, takes my baby into another room where he can't see me and when he cries I can hear her saying "no you're not going back to mum you have to get used to me". OH MY GOD YOU CRAZY WOMAN GIVE ME BACK MY CHILD! I always go and take him off her. If she stayed where he could see me like a normal person does he would be fine!

Yes I could go on and on. Anyone know what the h*ll might be going through her head? Or what I can do?

PS please dont say change the locks and dont let her get hold of the spare key again - everyone says that. Husband wont change locks he doesn't understand why its a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dusty - posted on 12/18/2009




lol i think every wife feels that way at one time or another... it is no secret me and my mother in law have butt heads. now that she had a mother in law of her own to deal with she has since backed off so good for me and we are some what friends at lest we try but i thing the worst is went it comes to the kids that is where we butt heads the most

Samantha - posted on 12/17/2009




always trying to control wat u must and must not do for your child awlways trying to make desicions for u

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