Mother of two ....husband overstepping boundaries?

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My husband works in another city four days a week then usually comes home for the remaining . I've come across him taking advantage of my kindness. He should come home after the four days working but he stays out to go out the last night with his "buddies" omg. He says my nagging is keeping him away ...this is super depressing ....what to do? This is so unhealthy. Should I leave stand my ground? Or stay and it just keeps happening?


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Jodi - posted on 11/02/2012




I think you should take it in turns if he doesn't like your nagging. You get to go out with your friends every second week. He still gets relief from your nagging, he gets quality time with the kids....and you get a night off. Sounds like a healthier alternative to me :)

But honestly, is there some reason he feels you are nagging? And don't say you don't nag. He obviously feels you do. Step back from it and see if you can understand why he thinks this. it may be just in the way you communicate with each other.

Patricia - posted on 11/02/2012




yes theres a problem and hes using you by baming you to do it....ivestigate........

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