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We are moving 5 miles from our current location...big move eh lol! Anyway our 3 yr old is having trouble understanding we are moving. Anyone else have this problem? Is there anyway to make this easier on her? Do we just leave her with her Grandparents the weekend we move or bring her home at night and show her whats going on? I don't want her to feel like someone stole all of her things... this is the only house she ever lived in and well who knows maybe I'm more worried about her then she is about the move! Any help would be great!


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Just a few ideas:

-let her "help" pack a box or two of her things

-have her color on her boxes so they are "hers" and she can see and tell them apart from all the other boxes

-she can even help unpack, its like christmas

-show her the new place and her rm or the back yard if possible

In the end being with mommy and daddy will get her through anything. I think having her see what's going on and participate will help too, the more hands on and concrete the better.

Good luck and the best of wishes!

Ellen - posted on 03/23/2010




Include her in the move. Tell her about the new place you guys are moving to. Little things to get her excited. Even have her help with moving. give her something small and light for her to carry into he new place,letting her know she is helping. Decorate her new room with things she likes. Basically just just include her with the move, it'll probably be alot easier on her.


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Emma - posted on 03/29/2010




We just did a move, the only home my kids have known was a 2 bed flat with no garden in a bad part of town, we have just moved to a nice house in a good area with a garden for them to play in. we had no problem with the move as all my eldest aged 3 wanted was to get to the house with the swing which the previous owner left there for us, so much so that she did not care that we could not locate the toys when we first moved in, my son aged 2 also got to the new house and ran off in the garden to play. but i think we where lucky as the new place was such a step up regards way of life, with having a garden.

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I agree with you guys. She just seems confused since out closing is a month away and I started backing. I like the idea of putting a color on her boxes and letting her unpack. She went to the new house with us for our inspection and she liked it so I guess we will be ok in the end!

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