Moving from Infant Tub to Big Tub

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My 8 month old daughter loved her bath time...until I tried to take away her infant tub! She freaked out and started crying when I tried bathing her in the big tub and I had to put her in her infant tub to calm her down. I bought a different tub that would go from infant to toddler, and she cried while in that too. Seems like only her familiar tub will do. Unfortunately, it only reclines for infants and she seems to want to sit up while she's in it. I know she'd be happy playing and splashing in the big tub or her toddler tub, but she doesn't seem to like the change.

Has anybody else dealt with a transition from infant tub to big tub? I'm not sure what to do. I can't bathe her in her little tub forever!


Louise - posted on 04/17/2010




Put on your swim costume and get in with her! This is just a ferar of the unknown. Make lots of bubbles and blow them nto the air and you will have giggles all of the way. Do this two or three times and then bath her solo this should be enough to reassure her that nothing bad is going to happen.

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Victoria - posted on 04/17/2010




Have you ever though of trying the sink first...Kind of get her the idea of letting go of the little tub.. I don't know if this will work..My son is still in the infant tub and he is almost to big for it but he doesn't care where he bathes he just loves it...Oh I am sorry he is also 8months old..

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Thanks for the suggestions! I will try getting in there with her and see if that helps. Gina - I haven't tried the kitchen sink yet, but I'll see if that works too. :-)

Gina - posted on 04/17/2010




I had just the opposite problem. My babies would freak out in the baby tub and be fine in the big tub. Have you tried giving her bath in the kitchen sink with a non-slip mat or something under her booty? It's bigger then the baby tub ,but not so big that she gets scared,and higher for your back. Plus she can sit up and splash, see what;s goin on outside,whatever.

Theresa - posted on 04/17/2010




I never had problems swiching my kids, but ,aybe you could try taking a couple baths with her in the big tub so she gets used to it. Maybe after a couple secure feeling times with Mommy in too, she'll try by herself.

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We just went from infant tub to big tub as well but I did have to bath with her a couple of times to get her use to the big tub. I

Jess - posted on 04/17/2010




We went straight from the infant tub to the big tub. At first my daughter didn't like it, but we persisted. We put her on her belly with a very small amount of water and heaps of toys. Now its her favourite time of the day and she squeals with excitment when we walk into the bathroom !

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