My 11 month old son wont sleep at night

Brieley - posted on 05/09/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 11 month old son wont sleep at night if i just put him in the cot. We have to put our doona off the bed on the floor with our pillow so he can go to sleep watching tv or a movie. I would love it if at a time at night he would know its time to go to sleep and i can just put him in his bed and he wont scream. I dont want to just let him cry himself in the cot till he goes to sleep. I dont want the cot to seem to be a bad place for him and that he never wants to go to bed. Ive tried nearly everything i can to get him into the cot so he can go to sleep, he just wont. He wakes up several times during the night so most of the time we have to give him a new bottle or he thinks he was only having a nap. I would like him to go to sleep in his bed at a reasonable time of a night so we arent up till 2am or later of a night. Im starting a new job and i will most likely be having early starts of a day. How am i going to get him to let me and his dad get decent sleep at night without him waking up or staying up late? Als makes it hard when his dad has a job that starts at 5am and finishes at 2pm. she gets up at 4am every morning during the week and alot of the time he is really tired from us taking turns on getting up to our son of a night. Anyone have an ideas on what we can do to get him to sleep in his own bed with us just putting him in the cot and how we can stop him waking up during the night?? Greatly appreciated to anyone who comments.!!!
thanks guys !!


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Unfortunatly i agree with tasha it is rough at first but try to just start a routine and stick to it. Ours is bath time, cup of milk, pajamas, 2 books and bed. He has a blanket and a stuffed animal he cuddles with rarely does he even argue at all anymore. The crying it out plan I used was ten min. intervals if he was still crying after ten min I would go back in pat him on the back and reasure him i was just outside the door ( less than 1 min) continued till he was asleep. For my son it was 4 nights of this then no more major problems. Whatever you decide I wish you the best of luck!!

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As much as any mother hates to hear her baby cry that maybe your only choice. My husband made me doing it with our first and she quickly learned to entertain herself or go to sleep. If you can't handle it see if his dad will let you leave the house and let him put him to bed. The other thing is does he have a comfort item? If so let him fuss a bit in the night and when he gets he comfort item he should be able to go back to sleep by comforting himself. If you don't let him learn to comfort himself and you go to have a second baby ever it will make it harder. Good luck! Sorry I told you what you didnt really want to hear.

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