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my 12 month old has a hard time trying to eat her babyfood...all she wants is milk what should i do?


Brittany - posted on 06/03/2010




My 14 m old lost interest in her babyfood around the same time. She refused to eat it for two days and we made a drs appt and everything. Then we went out with my father to dinner and realized she ate anything my father gave her as long as it WASN'T baby food consistency. The carrots and green beans and crackers were all fine, but the mashed potatoes and porridge were not. Now that she eats solids, it's okay with the other stuff again.

Kristin - posted on 06/03/2010




Is she trying to feed herself? Or is she having trouble moving the food from front to back with her tongue? Or is she just not that into babyfood?

I would say keep offering food, but maybe just mash up some of what you are having. Also, how about finger foods? Check out the Healthy Food for Kids community in here, they have lots of ideas that might help.

She needs the milk, but maybe give less during and following meals for a bit. She gets regular volume the rest of the time.

You can always ask a pediatrician or a dietician about this stuff.


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Crystal - posted on 06/09/2010




well my doctor said to me, that my baby would never starve herself. my daughter was a very picky eater and she had only about 2 ounces of milk every 3 hours until 6 months and would eat maybe 2 tbsp of rice cereal after that. it wasnt until 13 months that she went fully onto purees. then at about 16 months she is on solid foods. its perfectly fine just make sure you ask your doctor their opinion.

Maria - posted on 06/09/2010




thanks so much for all of yalls replies!!! Brittany Dupont you were most helpful...i found out just recently that as long as it's not mushed she'll eat cantaloupes, PEAS, and carrots and raviolis, chicken, so i went and bought her a whole bunch of the Graduate Gerber Meals and snacks and juice!!! thank you so much!!!

[deleted account]

I agree. Go with real food. Break it up into small bits. They can have almost everything at that age...meat, fruit, veggies. Just be careful about nuts for allergy reasons. I agree with Lea about the yogurt. My 2 year old still loves the Stoneyfield YoBaby yogurt too.

Lea - posted on 06/03/2010




At 12 months shes ready for baby finger foods. You could forget the purees if she is getting ALL 4 food groups from finger foods. Don't let her fill up on milk. 3 cups per day MAX! One cup at each meal and thats it. One baby food my son has always and still loves is organic whole milk yogurt. I use Stoneyfield Organic whole milk yogurt with fruit and cereal puree. My son still eats it for dessert at age 2.

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