my 13mo. old refuses to eat meat! help?

Kristina - posted on 09/03/2009 ( 16 moms have responded )




My little girl started eating solids and took to them right away! She would eat whatever we gave her. Now she will refuse to eat any meat and we have given in and bought the gerber 2nd stage babyfood meats. Anyone been here before?!?


Donnette - posted on 09/09/2009




He will still live without meat. As long as he is eating a good variety of fruits and veggies he will survive.

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My sister never really liked meat when she was little. (She is 18 now) and like other moms suggested, my mom would offer it but not force the issue. Some people (who I think are crazy, just kidding) just don't like the taste of it. My sister is now a vegetarian and it a strong, fit soccer player. Because of this background knowledge I don't freak out when my 16 month son won't eat meat. He will eat chicken if I make him something like a quesadia but won't eat roast (my favorite btw). We give it to him, but don't make a big deal about what he is eating. He has a well rounded plate (veggies, whole grains, protein like bean, or dairy) and usually within the day will get what he needs. The nutritionist we see once a month (he was a premie) doesn't seem to have issues with his eating style, so we don't fret.


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Annora - posted on 09/26/2009




To make sure that she gets the right amount of vitamins (iron) found in meat, you can give her vitamins until she starts eating it again. My 18 months iron level was low, so my Dr told me to start giving her POLYVISOL + IRON (liquid). I would put some in her juice cup and she couldn't tell the difference! That helped her maintain good levels of iron, etc. If she has molers in, you could give her gummy vitamins to chew.

Jennifer - posted on 09/26/2009




I have that problem even now.... they don't have to eat meat, and I wouldn't be too concerned. As long as they get protein from somewhere else.

Kristina - posted on 09/09/2009




she will eat the gerber meats with no problems, just not big people meats.

Sarah - posted on 09/09/2009




Been there and done that with 2 of mine..and i have talked to alot of mom's in the same was a short time for my oldest daughter about 4 months, but my youngest who is just 3 yr's now..still refuses at doctor says it is normal and that they will start back or start to eat meat once again and not to worry about it. I have to say this time around i am not to upset over it. hang in there i am sure she will come i said my oldest stop around 15 mons and lasted for about 4 months so..

Jane - posted on 09/09/2009




have you tasted the meats? they're disgusting, which is probably why she won't eat them. try little pieces of whatever meats you're eating or put it in a food mill. my 2yr old doesn't eat much meat, mostly Tyston Anytizers. as long as she's getting Iron from peanut butter and other foods, she'll be fine. she could be teething and it's painful on her gums to chew it up.

Kristina - posted on 09/08/2009




thanks ladies!!!! i dont stress over it but i am actually a REALLY picky eater and only eat hamburgers and grilled chicken for meats and i just hope she doesnt pick up my eating ways. her daddy eats everything. i have tried mixing really small pieces in with other foods but she will push the meat to the side of her mouth, eat the rest of the bite, then spit the meat out. tomarrow i will be trying to mix up a bunch of foods and some small pieces of meat and putting it in an empty baby food jar to see if she will take it that way. she will take a bite of it if its off our plates, but she spits it out right away. i do make sure she gets all the nutrients she needs, so i guess its not a big deal. thanks again ladies!!

Faleisha - posted on 09/06/2009




dont son did the same thing and then he just ate baked chicken.he finaly started eating meats and hes done fine ever oldest used to chew the flavor out of his meat and then spit it out now he just eats dont worry its just a phase

Eileen - posted on 09/04/2009




Often not eating meat is a texture thing, some babies find it unappealing. Some times, esp if its puree'd it can be thick and hard to swallow.

Just substiture with other proteins, and offering it when you're eating. Sometimes it just looks better coming from someone else's plate!

If she takes a bite, fine, if not, that's fine too. Don't panic..they all have phases. Just make sure she's getting good proteins elsewhere... like egg, soy( but not too often!), beans are great and babies usually love them! baked, brown, kidney.. anything she'll take.. even refried may be more interesting to her....

Its all part of learning and esperiencing new things.

Jen - posted on 09/04/2009




my son went through this and is still going through it. he will be three in october. when he was younger i made sure to feed other protien rich foods and kept introducting different meats to see if he would try them. if you're worried about getting enough protien in your little one's diet, in addition to the other moms' good advice, you can try tofu. my son actually loved it because it has a smooth consistency and takes the flavor of whatever you cook it with!
also, the advice from kat p. about taking as many bites as their age is great! i also do this with my son and i think it works because it's not as overwhelming as "eat your meat!"
best of luck and try not to stress!

Anna - posted on 09/04/2009




they don't need meat - feed her egg yolk and iron-fortified cereal and she will get all the iron she needs. You can feed her other protein food like peas, beans, lentils, dairy - if those things agree with her. Start with just a little.

Kat - posted on 09/03/2009




My daughter and one of my sons did the same thing. Usually, unless there's an underlying health issue, it won't matter much in the long run.

Make sure she gets plenty of protein and iron in other foods [beans, peanut butter, spinach, etc]. Try to giver her things with vitamin C along with these foods, but avoid serving dairy at the same time. For example, have your daughter drink orange juice or eat broccoli with her meat-like food, then give her milk at in a different sitting. And keep offering small amounts of meat with meals. Even if she wastes it for several months, she will eventually decide to try it again. Another thing i did was "hide" meat in other things. Like hamburger in vegetable soup and deli meats wrapped in cheese [yes, i know this contradicts my advice of separating meat and dairy].

If it helps, my sons, who's four now, eats meat like it's going out of style. My daughter is a little over two. She still gives me trouble with it sometimes, but she eats enough to get by. We have a rule that, if one of our children doesn't want to eat, they have to at least take as many bits as years of their age. [Vicki has to eat at least 2 bites of whatever's on her plate before she can be excused, eve if she thinks it's "yucky."] It works pretty well most of the time.

Good luck and God bless!

Jennifer - posted on 09/03/2009




Try mixing a small minced portion of meat into some veggies of the same color....then she might not see it and eat it without knowing it. Works for my kids. ^_^

Hailey - posted on 09/03/2009




never had this prob my kids will eat anything try making spaghetti with mince or any type of meal using mince its smaller and almost the same consistancy as some baby foods at that stage

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