My 14 month old Daughter really doesnt like bein bathed!! She used to love it now she screams help!!

Claire - posted on 05/27/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Ma Daughter really doesnt like bein put in the bath.. she used to love bein in the bath but now she screams the house down as soon as u take her into the bathroom because she knows she is goin in for a bath.. A have tried goin in the bath with her and ave got her loads of toys to take in with her but nuffin seems to be workin she goes in the bath for a minute and gets her body and hair washed and she screams all the trough it but i hate listen to her cryin as she used to enjoy it so much.. any help would be amazin thanks xx


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Crystal - posted on 05/27/2010




try bathing her in the kitchen sink and working your way back to the bathroom my sister had this prob she did that and also becase it was summer she got a little blow up pool for her to play in and just washed her out there by fall she was back to loving the bath tub

Tara - posted on 05/27/2010




Try having a shower with her. My kids loved being in the shower. And it was easy to wash and rinse their hair etc. or try letting her run a bath for you let her put the bubbles in, get your towel ready etc. and then invite her to join you.
As with most things having to do with toddlers, this too shall pass. :)

Claire - posted on 05/27/2010





Thanks for the Advise!! just really dont like puttin her in the bath cos a know hows upset she is gonna get and a try to keep them as short as possible we have had her in the bath with us as well which she used to love!! but now nuffin is helpin but a need to give her a bath!! we have tried her washin at the beggin and lettin her play at the end but its still not workin a will try some of the things u have suggested to see if that helps thanks very much for the advise again

Kristin - posted on 05/27/2010




Keep them short and maybe not a frequently for a bit. My boys love their tub crayons and a sponge/eraser, bath finger paints (just colors or bath wash kind work), color tablets and bubble bath together coming out of an octopus faucet cover, tub stick ons (frog no slip things), and cups galore. We also have a hair (baby) catcher to keep things that shouldn't go down the drain from going there.

When they went through this, I just kept the bathing quick at the beginning and then let them just play. If they weren't terribly dirty, I just let them play and called it good. Sometimes, it was just a quick shower with me or their dad.

Just some stuff we tried and found to help.

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