My 15 month old & his screaming fits?

Angela - posted on 03/29/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son has been having uncontrolable screaming fits for about the last three weeks. These are not what I would consider a tantrum. There is seemingly no reason for these outbursts. I have tried to ignore him, punish him, talk on his level, yell back, and nothing seems to work. I get very frusterated and it sadens me when I cannot help him. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to handle these fits? Thank you.


Kandace - posted on 03/29/2010




i had the same problem and he would lay on the ground and just lay still and fuss or cry and at first i would just pick him up and put him in his room not in bed but in his room where he could still get to his toys. sometimes id shut the door other time id leave it open a crack and id tell him when hes ready to be good and done cry he may come back out. now if he acts up i just tell him go to your room until your ready to be good and off he goes my friends are amazed that he listens and goes. but that allows him to cry and scream and do what he feels will let him feel better but it not in my way. while im still getting stuff done.


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Kristin - posted on 03/29/2010




He's in the preverbal stage. That's where he's got all these words that he knows, understands, and wants to use, but can't because the muscles in his mouth just haven't mastered what they need to do to produce the words. That being said, he frustrated because he can't communicate beyond pointing, very basic word/sounds, and screaming. To help with this, you keep conversing with him, reading picture books, and you can introduce some sign language. I did it with my boys and even in the throws of a full blown tantrum, we could get things figured out.

Is he going through another round of teething, they just get crabby then?

For the fits, Jalisa has a good solution. Tell him this behavior is not okay and put him somewhere safe until he calms down. Do your absolute best to stay calm as any sign of anger, frustration, anything will just keep them going. As long as you know he is safe, you can ignore him until the screaming fit stops. Then go in, check on him, and tell him that you can't help him with whatever the problem is if he's acting like that. You would love to help him, but he needs to try to use his owrds and be patient. I know, sounds like I'm asking you to talk a train with no driver into stopping. But, he will calm down and this will really help when he's 2, 3, 4, and on. This all works at home, but when in public you have to take a slightly different approach. Tell him to calm down or you will leave right now. Give him a minute to do as you asked, still crying and hiccuping are okay. He's making an effort. If he doesn't even try to calm down, collect your things and son and walk out. If you've got someone else there with you, see if they can bring the stuff while you get the screaming child out of the area. It's only embarassing the first time and anybody in the vicinity will appreciate that you are doing something to teach your child to behave. Once he's calmed down, you can tell him that you will try that again another day, but his screaming has to stop. Through all of it, stay calm. You can be as angry as you like on the inside, but stay calm.

Also, when he's doing stuff (playing, eating, whatever) that you like give him loads of praise. Do the same when he successfully calms himself down, he'll be more likely to continue in that behaviour.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

Angela - posted on 03/29/2010




Thank you for your response. At this point I am willing to try anything..I hope this works

Jalisa - posted on 03/29/2010




Well I had the same problem when my little boy was that age and here is what i did.... I talked to him and told him why he was in there and of coarse he didn't care but i put him in his room and shut the door until he was done screaming. After two weeks of that he stopped. I even asked the doctor what to do and he told me to do that cause if your child is acting like that it will get you frustrated and then it won't get you anywhere with them. I hope this helps

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