My 15th old daughter had sex and I'm so sad


Jodi - posted on 10/03/2016




I can understand why you may be disappointed. But this really can't be about how you feel about it, and at this age, is really not that uncommon. You can't change what has happened and she made a choice she now needs to live with. How does your daughter feel about it? Was it with someone she cared about? Was she educated in safe sex? Did she PRACTICE safe sex? As her mother, these are all things you need to make sure you are discussing with her. Hopefully discussions have taken place before now so that she made the choice with at least some level of knowledge of how to stay safe.

It's hard watching our kids growing up and making choices that we would not make for them. Personally, I am not a fan of kids dating at this age, for this very reason. But I also remember things that happened at the local school disco behind the hall when I was about this age, when our parents dropped us off and assumed it was 100% fully supervised - noone can 100% fully supervise a room full of kids. I'm a high school teacher and I assure you, 15 year olds find ways if they really want to.


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Julia - posted on 10/03/2016




I asked her and she said he used a condom and she is right on her period, this happened about a month ago. We talked about sex a lot, I'm very direct and I never sugar coded it. My daughter always told me she was not interested in boys. Because they were stupid and even when they looked good the mayority were inmmatures so this one in particular she thought they could be serious but she said after it happened the boy continued playing with other girls, my sadness is because why is my daughter self esteem so low that just give herself away like that. I feel like a failure because I always thought she was firm in her convictions and also we always talked about waiting for the person that you knew was somebody that really loved you and care about her.

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