My 15th years old get pregnant


Michelle - posted on 07/31/2017




Support her. You can't change the fact she is pregnant but she needs to know that you are there for her.

Cindi - posted on 08/01/2017




I am sure you are having many feelings from anger to fear right now and that's normal. It's okay to be mad at her, as long as she knows that nothing will change the love you have for her. Anger fades. Love is everlasting. You have a right to your emotions, but not everything needs to form words. Say you are upset. Just say it will be okay.
It WILL be okay.
I got pregnant at 15. My mother made me move out. I lived alone before I could drive. All "A" student and everything good, blah blah, but none of it mattered. I truly was not "that girl" to do wrong, much less a baby.
Long story short
With 3 kids I graduated top of my class in nursing school. I'm in the international nurses association magazine and that baby boy is a 20 year old US Marine!
I know it's dark. You are not alone. I'll pray for you all. Stay strong💛


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Christina - posted on 08/04/2017




What she needs the most right now is support. Yes, well all make mistakes. We all do foolish things but, you cannot change the past you can only move on into the future. Be there for her. I know you are upset right now with her but, the best thing you can do is be there for her.

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