My 17month old is coking me!!

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I have a 17 month old beautiful baby boy, he is the sweetest thing! However for the past few weeks he has gotten very aggressive! I'm not sure what is going on with him. The bites, screams, hits, pinches, and even cokes me! I'll tell him no or take something he shouldn't have and it throws him into a fit! We don't raise our voices at him nor do we rarely punish him. My sister says he is acting this way because we do not punish him. My mother is telling me its just something he is going through and my boyfriend says he is just frustrated because he can't communicate what he wants. I'm scared there is something else going on with him. It scares me that a child could get this angry. Is it just something he is going through? Frustration? Or is it something else? PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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Dawn - posted on 04/25/2010




Wow that would be scarry I have a 31 month old and thank god he never bite, choked, pinched etc. He does scream but that is a normal thing fits are part of life with a baby. Hitting, bitting, pinching and that kind of stuff I'm not sure if that is normal. I also have an almost 21 year old and he never did any of that stuff. Wow, he will grow out of it hopefully soon. The time out thing in a restricted area that they can't get out of works real well.

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I always tell kids "we don't hit" ect and tell them that it hurts and it isn't nice. Then I use those same phrases as much as possible during the day when something hurts them, so they begin to understand just what I am saying. It works, shortly after they comprihend the phrases the agression stops unless there is a serious problem they need help with. Out of all of my kids and the kids I have taken care of only one had issues he needed help with, and that was because he came from a horrible home life that no kid should live with.

Sherre - posted on 04/25/2010




It's normal. My son is almost that age and does the same thing. I agree with what your mother and boyfriend say. Don't spank him when he throws his fits because if you don't want him to hit you, you shouldn't hit him as he will not understand. Rather put him in a time out like his play pen, walker....somewhere he can't get out of too easily and keep him there for only a few min. When you do punish him, explain to him before and after the time out. It usually works for me but persistence is the key! Good luck :)

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