My 17month old is having much difficulty taking naps and going to sleep at night. Very unordinary.

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he's never stuggled with this before. he cries for 2-3 hrs at nap times and 30min for bed times. hes in great spirits for the other portions of the day, I'm wondering if there is some sort of clinging"ness" going on. I'm a stay at home mom so he sees me plenty. Both my husband and I have tried putting him down to sleep and he acts the same for us both. Need help please!!


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Nicole - posted on 06/25/2010




My 16 month old doesn't go to bed right after we lay her down. She plays and cries normally for an hour before eventually falling asleep and taking a nap. Some days she never falls asleep, but we keep a routine and lay your son down at the same time every day. Make a routine of doing the same things before naptime, and if he doesn't sleep thats fine. He needs to have quiet time to himself. Make sure that he has a full tummy, and a fresh diaper before you lay him down. Just go with the flow and stick to your guns. He will nap when he is good and ready,

Ella - posted on 06/25/2010




One thing that I have found for myself and I have about a dozen close friends (all w/toddlers). Drop the battle. WIMI, stop making it a battle, if some days it doesn't go as planned- go with it.
Some days my DS 20 months will totally not go down for a nap- I un-clench and try to let it flow. If I force a nap- we are both miserable. Being more laid back has resulted in having a child tell ME when he is ready to lay down for nap, he takes my hand and we go to the bed. With in 10 min he is out.

You can begin a different routine. Look for sleep clues. Lay with him (I swear it helps).
About this age I noticed My DS sleep changed. He seemed to need a bit less.

Also he might need more food? When My DS is fussy and cant sleep I try having him eat a banana before naps and bed. That has helped too..

Good Luck!

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