My 17th month baby speak lots of things but he can't say a clear word. What can I do for speak development.


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User - posted on 01/23/2013




at 17 months old, this is normal. But things that can help are to not use any baby talk, and also when he says things, you can talk back to him repeating the words he was trying to say. Like if hes trying to say dog, you can say "yes Dog, you like the Dog, the Dog goes woof woof"
lol anything like that it really helps him see how you are moving your mouth to say the word clearly and at the same time hes learning how we use the word in sentences (things he stored back for when he really starts talking) and also learning about the animal. He gest alot of info at once, but simply just repeating the word to him slowly so he can watch you say it, it really helps.

Magen - posted on 01/22/2013




My cousin's 4 year old is the exact same problem, speak to your doctor about it and maybe he can refer you to a specialist. And Good Luck I'm not there yet, so I can't say more than what I know.

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