my 18 month old has to eat my food, refuses to eat his own without a fit

Lindsey - posted on 04/20/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




For example if I was to get an apple I will be sure to get him one to but he has to have mine, he will freak if he cant and wont eat his. I have tried starting to eat little bits of his then once he gets it try eating my own but then he throws his food and wants mine. Its getting a little out of control to the point I cant eat anything ever without having to deal with a hugh fit


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Rose - posted on 04/20/2010




the terrible twos, the mine stage, and puberty, no difference at all. looks like this is because its a satistfaction thing, hmm go to the dollar store, spend 50 bucks on a bunch of stuff you want him to eat, act like its for you, make a meal out of it. he will want it automatically, but no no this is mommys, give him a little and act like it bothered you he will be soo happy when you "give up" and give him all of it. eat what you want during nap time, and when he wakes up grab something he hates, lets say..spinach, he will want it, you give it to him, he hates it and wants what you had earlier, which was hwat you wanted him eating in the first place = )

Chelsea - posted on 04/20/2010




Wow, yeah my daughter does that a little. One time I was feeding her, and she was really enjoying her food. She then got distracted, though, when I started to eat my food. So my husband reached over, scooped some food out of her bowl, and then pretended to get food off my plate. Even though she had already tasted what I was eating, she didn't seem to know the difference. As long as it "came from my plate."

I don't know, that worked then. Maybe you can play switch with him. Prepare the same food for the both of you.Then you eat off of his plate, and let him eat off of yours. Maybe he will see that it is all the same. Sounds like a tough one. I hope this helps.

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