My 19 months and 4years are really bad picky eaters.

Maicha - posted on 03/03/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




It makes me so tired specially at night. They won't be full therefore they wouldn't like to sleep. Cause they will still be hungry!!!.
And I also realized that their diet is so poor:(
I started giving them vitamins drops. Wich they like more than food! What to do.Please help


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My 19 month old son is so picky:( we try and offer everything to him.. Nope.. Nothing.. He only likes snacks ugh my fault:( but lately he has been on this kick of liking the little applesauce packages that he can feed himself.. Idk I'm in the same boat as you!!! My doc said he's fine.. Don't worry ....

Chet - posted on 03/05/2014




Kids tend to eat more early in the day and less in the evening. It is a very common complaint that young children eat next to nothing at supper. Lower your expectations for supper and make breakfast and lunch count if you find that helps.

Small children don't need a lot of food. You may have unreasonable expectations about how much they should be eating. It depends on a child's size and activity level, but it's possible that your four year old only needs a 1000 calories a day and your 19 month old needs less than that.

Toddlers and preschoolers usually need to eat every three hours. It's reasonable to offer three meals and three snacks a day.

Sometimes kids will eat more if they help to shop for and prepare the food.

You need to cut out all junk food. And no juice or soda. When kids don't eat much you can't afford to blow some of what they do in on foods that aren't nutrient dense.

Try sharing food (sometimes food from you plate is more appealing than food on their own plate). Try offering healthy snacks when they have nothing else to do (in the stroller, in the car, at the bus stop).

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