My 2 children have seperate rooms and my room is upstairs so I need 2 monitors so I can hear both of them the double monitors seem to be really expensive I was wondering if anyone has had any sucess with 2 regular monitors working without interferance, or what other moms have done in this situation? Thanks!

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Rachel - posted on 02/25/2009




My sister has the same problem and her kids rooms are pretty close so she keeps one monitor on the floor in the hallway between their rooms. It picks up really well and she doesn't have a problem hearing either one.

Trish - posted on 02/24/2009




Don't worry about the interference, I have 3 monitors for my triplets and they work just fine...suggestion would be to place them in different parts of your room so they don't all blend into one another. I also have different models, you might have an issue if you purchase the same monitors. The different models help figure out whose bedroom you are monitoring. I still have them going strong and my kids are 4.5!

Tanya - posted on 02/24/2009




Hi!  I have two kids each in their own room also.  But I only have one monitor.  I put the monitor in the doorway/hallway so both rooms can be picked up on the receiver.  This works very well for us, especially since I don't need to worry about all the little wimpers they make, just the "I'm awake" crys.  Hope this helps.  Tanya

Sarah - posted on 02/24/2009




I haven't ever had problems with 2 monitors in my room. How young are your kids that you need 2 monitors? Truthfully I don't even use one any more at all. I haven't since my baby was about 6 months old. I didn't sleep well when I could hear every wimper he made. I can still hear him from my room if he wakes up crying without the monitor. We bought the second one when we put our 7 & 5 yos in the basement.


Gina - posted on 02/24/2009




Hi! I have two monitors, one is a sony and the other is fisher price. I have no problem with interference because they are set to different frequencies. The fisher price monitor has 1 base and two monitors so I have a total of 3 monitors (including the sony) throughout the house. 2 monitors are in my bedroom and the third monitor spends most of the time in our basement. I also use the third one for outside on warm days. I hope this helps! Gina

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