my 2 year old daughter drinks sooooo much juice in the day and at night. she will have at least 3 bottles sometimes 5 at night is this normal?

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we have made it weaker, tried not to give it her as often but this is one thing she wont go with out.


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i have the same issue with my son.i try giving him water but then he sees that theres no colour and demands for really worried that its going to cause tooth decay although i just add juice to change the colour.but these past couple of nights i added a little sugar in water and gave it to him,he didnt realise coz he was asleep

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A 2 year old can only drink juice if you give it to her. Again, a 2 year old should be drinking from a sippy cup, not a bottle. I would end the habit now. As everyone has said - bad for their teeth. Keep making it weaker and weaker until fully on water. If she's thirsty she will drink water.

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My daughter, 28 months is a huge juice drinker as well.  It wasn't easy, but, if you stick to it, you can change her habbits.  Although mine isn't  doing a bottle anymore, that may be another thing to do as you transition her to less juice.  Mine gets juice with breakfast, milk with dinner and I let her choose for lunch, and surprisingly she usually chooses water.  For the rest of the day she has water in a sippy cup at her disposal whenever she wants it.  She didn't like it at first and sometimes would even cry her eyes out, but, she got use to it.  Plus, I drink water throughout the day also.  It won't be any easy transition and she may fight you hard on it, but, if she is thirsty she will drink it.  Leave it out for her and maybe buy her a special water cup/bottle (that is what I did and she loves it).  Now when she asks for juice on occasion during the day or at night I don't feel guilty giving it to her and I also portion how much she can get.  Good luck, just know you can do it!


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juice gives my 2 yo diaherra. He drinks some sunny d in the am, some decaff tea at lunch , some milk at dinner and water the rest of day.....nothing at night ever.... we do a real cup at the table and sippy cups if he is away from the table.

maybe buy a new sippy/straw cup and only allow water in it. Does she like Dora or something?

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I agree with Mandy. Just remind yourself how horrible it is for her teeth...especially at night. The sugar is real high, too. Good for you for dilluting it, though! Something you can try, to wean her off of it, is to fill her cup at least 3/4 of the way with water (not 3/4 of the cup, but 3/4 of what you would put in her cup), and do that when she's not looking. Then, when she asks for juice, fill it the rest of the way with juice while she's looking and give it back to her. Two good things about that: MUCH less juice/sugar, (so less harmful for her health and teeth), AND, she may start to not like it very much because of the very watered down taste. However, if she DOES still like it/want it, it's not as big of a deal because there's hardly any juice in it.

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Remind yourself how bad it is for her teeth. My 2 yr old loves his juice and doesn't want anything else. I just tell him sorry no more for today. He'll cry for awhile but I worry about his teeth. It's hard but after a few days it gets easier.

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