My 2 year old daughter has an attitude problem!!!!

Darcy - posted on 04/13/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok, so I have boy/girl twins who will be 3 in June. They are complete opposites of each other. My son loves to cuddle, hardly ever raises his voice to me, and hates to see me mad. My daughter on the other hand, constantly talks back to me, spits at me, and will deliberately do things during the day to see how far she can go with me. For instant, one day she woke up before her brother after her nap, so I sat on the couch with her, watched cartoons and cuddled, and I gave her a cookie. Well, she started to throw a fit about wanting '2cookies!' When I told her No, she picked up her shoes threw them at me, and when I was trying to ignore her, she walked up to me, smiled, and then spit chocolate all over me! My husband and I are completely at our whits end with her. We love her more than anything, and I would never show favoritism with my kids ( I treat them all equally ), so I don't understand where her attitude is coming from! I expected to go through this when she was a teenager, not a 2 year old! Is this just a part of the terrible 2's or should I be worried about future behavior?? Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated! And I take constructive criticism well, so don't be shy! Thank you!!


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i have two boys that are two years apart. my oldest is much like your daughter and i thought i was going out of my mind for a while until i found his currency. i too did time outs and still do but i have found that catching the little things that he does right is a start once he realized that i see the good things he does things started turning her around. we take toys away and do rewards. she seems like the type to push buttons so you cant give an inch ever or she will take 5 miles. just hang in there and try different things remember that it can take several weeks for a new thing to take hold.

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Ok I have somewhat the same problem with my two year old son. If he doesn't get his way I would get a toy to the head. I couldn't take it. I have to admit I did take something from supernanny. The whole time out thing worked for awhile, but he would just get out and throw a toy cause he was mad I put him there. I started to take toys away. For every toy he threw I would take it away. I think I took about 10 toys away before he caught on. Then it went to slapping and pulling my hair or pulling my checks. I will never spank him so it became hard. But now it has come far a few between with his attitude. This is how it went. The first would be a warning. The second time out, the third a toy and lastly it would be no treat that day. That seemed to work for him I also went with the reward system. When he did treat me nice he would get a toy of HIS choice back or a quarter in his piggy bank. Lets say the piggy has more in it then I have had hair missing and red checks. But with girls I am told it is harder. My mom went through it with my but I would bit her so she bit me back. One thing my friend did was role play. She acted like her and dad acted like dad. Then they would make her the parent and back talk, they even went as far as pouring a water bottle over her head. She said "I am sorry I wont do it again" You just have to try and try again. Maybe once a week or once a month you could just take her some where and then take him some where. She may want one on one with you and they only way she can tell you is by acting up cause then she has all of your attention.

Good Luck though and Hang in there.

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