my 2 year old screams while sleeping nothing will calm him what can i do??

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my son is 2 and for the past week he has woken during the night every night at least 3 times a night screaming and crying. nothing we do will settle him not even bringing him in our bed!! he wants to be hugged but he doesnt want us near him- if we leave the room he screams louder- our neighbour bangs on the wall at night as it can go on for hours at a time. we have had very little sleep for the past week and i am exhaustedi even feel sick from lack of sleep!!. my daughter went through this but the things we did with her are not working like hugging even though she was screaming. i really need to start getting some sleep but until alex stops his screaming fits i cant please help.


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Jennifer - posted on 02/22/2010




I have had two of my four do the same thing. Is he potty trained? Mine were at that age and after several weeks of the uncontrollable crying with my oldest we realized that she needed to go potty and was just to sound asleep to tell us. My son does the same thing now. He wakes up screaming uncontrollably but as soon as we put him on the potty and he goes then it's back to bed quietly. Hope that's all it is for you too so you can get some much needed sleep.

Jennifer - posted on 02/22/2010




He might be suffering from night should get in touch with your pediatrician. They might be able to recommend a sleep center to watch his sleep patterns. I can only imagine how tired you are,my son had night terrros and he wouldn't know who we were are where he was. I used soothing nature cds before bedtime and made sure there were lights on, so if he woke up the light would help him really wake up - that also might be part of the problem, why he wants hugs but doesn't want you near him - he's not completely out of his dream. Speak calmly and quietly and use your name (mommy/daddy are here) say his name and reassure him that he's safe in his home. Good luck!

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My daughter woke up screaming when she was about 2 years old. She's pretty verbal, but we couldn't get her to talk to us at all - she just screamed. I prayed out loud while holding her, asking God to help her calm down and to help me know what to do to help her. A minute later, my husband asked her if she was scared & she stopped crying enough to say, "yes." We asked her what she was scared of & she pointed over by the wall & said "lion." Then we were able to tell her the lion was gone & she was ok, that mommy & daddy would keep her safe. It was amazing that God's presence washed over us all. She still talks about having bad dreams about lions, but she doesn't scream anymore. I tell her my kids to pray for God to give them comfort when they are scared. Now we read books about lions & talk about them more so she isn't as scared. Hope this helps.

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I went through something similar to this with my fourth child. He was slightly younger though. I used to sing very calmly to him. Didn't work. Then I started getting louder than him. Worked first few times, then, nothing. But then, my husband used to get up and just walk around with him and whisper in his ear and bounce him while walking. It worked. My husband would have the reddest eyes in morning for lack of sleep, but it calmed Kyle down. The first walk lasted the longest, but it was worth it. He did it for about 2 weeks straight. Eventually it worked and we had no more problems for a long time. One thing though, Kyle got used to it and that was how he went to sleep. Patience is definitely a virtue in this scenerio. But eventually it all works out. Hope this helps.

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