My 2 yr. old can talk but does not make sentences. Advice please...

Danielle - posted on 11/05/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




She can say anything I ask her. We have coversations too. Everything is 1 or 2 word responses though. Any advice??


Lisa - posted on 11/06/2009




I agree that you shouldn't be too worried at this point. Keep talking to him all the time so you are modeling good speech. Do your best to always engage him in "kiddie" conversation. For example, "What time is it? Is it lunchtime? Look at the time! You're absolutely right! What shall we eat? What a great idea! I love carrots! Do you love carrots, too?" and so forth.

My son didn't speak well until he was 5! The doctor said that some children who speak late turn out to be good at math. He said the development of the spacial recognition part of the brain (the math part) can crowd out the part of the brain where language develops, but it only lasts a little while. Now, he's 13, good at math AND he talks my ear off! ;-)


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Hellen - posted on 11/05/2009




that is normal at that age unless you have a little chatter box lol I have a little boy who will turn 3 in jan and he can speak way more than he is supposed to. I'm not talking a few sentences, straight out full on conversations and he's been doing it for a while but he's talking ALL day long lol. He started really early first words were at about 9 months like water banana more yummy stuff like that so he started early. I also have a little one who just turned 1 on Nov 2 and he says mama and mas which means more in spanish and that's pretty much it so every baby is different they develop at their own pace as long as you see they your baby makes an effort and is at least slowly progressing its fine but few words at that age is said to be appropriate for that age

Caryn - posted on 11/05/2009




1-2words is just fine. She is only 2which means she is still learning. It sounds like she is right where she should be since she CAN communicate with you through words. My dd is 5 and trust me, you do NOT want to rush full sentences/stories LOL.
If a few months go by and you don't see any progression, talk to her dr about what you can do. For now, as long as she is talking and able to put 2words together I wouldn't worry about it much. Good luck to you and yoru daughter :)

Stephanie - posted on 11/05/2009




My son was about a year and wasn't even making baby sounds so His Dr suggested getting his ears checked to make sure he had no hearing problems .. He didn't so the Dr told me about getting him speech therapy which was the best thing for him . He had speach therapy till the age of three and now is in a preschool that works with him to help him talk in sentences that are longer then four words . Talk to your doctor and see if speech therapy is right for your child .. My son at two was not talking much and sounds like your son is on the right path .They say that not all kids will talk as early as others . i know that drove me crazy hearing other kids my sons age talking up a storm .. so talk to your daughters doctor.

Elisha - posted on 11/05/2009




My son is 2yrs and 3mos old...he does the same thing the most he'll do is group 2-3words together and say phrases such as...."Where'd go" instead of Where did he go. and alot of the time its one word commands...such as "No" (All the time!) and "Eat, Drink, go, away, outside, hug,cat, dog, bat, nugget, fry, toons" All separate and toons instead of Cartoons or izza instead of Pizza, roni instead of macaroni. My doctor said its perfectly normal. Every 2yr old learns to speak at different times. As long as they have a 30word vocabulary right now he's fine. Some kids develope other skills first such as kicking balls playing games. My son is very much into playing games on my fact we're buying him an Itouch for x-mas so we can have our phones back, lol.

Stacey - posted on 11/05/2009




Has her hearing been checked? Some kids get wax build up. It could be she may not want to say much or has trouble putting all together.

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