my 20 month old is so active im overwelmed an pretty stressed hes all over the place how can i make him more calm iv tryd reading with him and playing with his toys and maybe putting his fav on the night garden but he wont sit still for two min


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Leslie - posted on 12/23/2012




I am in the same boat with a 21 month old daughter. Including her in what I am doing helps. If i am loading dishes, she helps with spoons and shutting the soap door. If I am changing over/folding laundry, she is playing in the sock basket. If i am cooking, she is playing with bowls, pots, spoons, and sometimes pasta or water. If I want to sit on the computer, she is jumping on my head... literately, so computer happens during nap time. She doesn't seem to care for toys, but has plenty.
We got a tricycle for inside, and she loves to ride it through the house. We brought the little tikes slide indoors too. For Christmas, she is getting a Radio Flyer toddler coaster ride...that will be inside too. We also have a swing hanging in a door way. Its all about movement and change as the attention span dwindles.

Get down on the floor with him and build towers out of blocks, books, shoes, whatever, for him to knock over, then set up a bag or basket and take turns throwing the items into it for clean up. This age loves games and mommy interaction.

Take a weekly mommy break. Leave the kiddo with dad or some one you trust and go get a coffee, go to a movie, or sit and play on the computer at the library (unless you want to read). I would lose my sanity with out my weekly one-two hour break.

User - posted on 12/22/2012




I agree. Make sure he has time each day, when possible, to play outside, to run around, climb, and explore.
I also have a very active son who is now 2 1/2. I found that what caused a lot if my stress when he was younger was not having the house properly child-proofed. If you can really get your home to a point where he can't really get into much of anything, it helps tremendously. It's exhausting having to tell a toddler no all day, not to mention it is bad for their development to be told no every time they try to explore something new.
Your son may not be coordinated enough yet, but my son now really enjoys his lacing block ( or his brother's shoe). You can also get lacing cards. It's the only thing I've seen him sit still to do for 15-20 minutes at a time ever (other than the TV).
Another way to get energy out if you can't go outside is getting him to dance to music. My son loves music and will go crazy dancing around sometimes.
Keep reading to him. His attention span is short now, but it will probably get longer and longer over the next several months. My son didn't really loves books until around his second birthday.
Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 12/21/2012




He's a 20 month boy who has an attention span of a goldfish (a couple of seconds). It sounds like he does have a lot of energy to get rid of though. Have you taken him to the park or playground so he can run around and do what little boys do? You'll be amazed at how different they are when they have had an hour or two of running amok.

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