My 21 month daughter has refused all good food since I stopped breast feeding at 13 months.

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Whilst I was breast feeding she ate all vegies everything I would serve up. The last 11 months she eats very little doesn't even try things that I make. I try and do a lot of home baking and of course she will eat anything sweet. Tea time is the worst meal of the day because I never know what to give her. She sometimes eats fish and chicken bits. I don't know if teeth could be contributing or if its something else. Any suggestions please!!!!


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Oh... I sort of agree... Here's what my doctor said about my son...

"He only knows what he wants, not what he needs."

Best advice ever.

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Hi, you may not like my suggestion.. sorry if you don't but I am a big believer that parents are the ones who control what their children eat, it is our responsibility to ensure they are getting a nutritional diet. Yes it can be easier to give them what they want however at the end of the day, they are children and they don't know what is best for them. So my advice would be to stop offering the baked goods and she will eat if she is hungry. Little ones do go through phases where they will not eat too much and this is normal, just make sure she is getting lots of fluids.There are lots of sweet tasting vegetable and fruits you can use as an alternative. There is a community on here called recipe swap, maybe you could join and ask for some ideas of healthy meals she may like. Good luck!

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I'm not an expert on ... well, anything! But I do have some, what I deem to be, good suggestions!

Try baking small pieces of chicken breast with peaches, apricots or any other meat and fruit combo. Serve with sweet potato or carrot mash... All sweet things but they're at least healthy! Like, pork chops (with all fat trimmed) baked in foil packets with apple slices, delish! And easy to prepare and cook!

Where I live, the doctors basically say, as long as the child EATS the fruit, they aren't bothered if it's sweet or not! You may be surprised how many fruits you can mix IN with vegetables. My son likes broccoli and cauliflower pureed with apricots and he LOVES chicken korma with apricots and sweet potato!

Just use your imagination and your tastebuds to find combinations!

If you want to contact me directly, I have many more ideas! Best of luck x

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