My 22 month old son has a habit of holding his penis.

Sarah - posted on 03/23/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 22 month old son has a habit of holding his penis. Ive tried to stop him by putting him back in body suits (so he cant put his hand down his nappy) but he now puts his hand through the leg hole (on his body suit) and through the top of his nappy. Hes drenching himself 3-4 times a day as he pulling his penis up so its pointing towards his belly button and of course his pee doesn't gt caught in his nappy. (he mostly dose this when hes board or tired) Dose anyone have any ideas to get him out of this habit?


Alina - posted on 03/25/2010




Right now he's discovering himself and for a boy, his penis is just such a great find! :) My son did it, too. He'd play with it, or hold it, and sometimes I swear he had to put his hands in his pants just to check and make sure it hadn't gone back in or something. I would tell him to stop and pull his hands out of his pants ALOT! And then I told him that his penis is his private, and private business is done in private. I told him to stop doing it in front of people (including me) and when he forgot, I'd gently remind him. My son was (an still is!) so extremely active I thought he had ADHD, and he bored easily, like your son. Giving him things to do with his hands, like play with action figures, blocks, etc., always helped. And he could take the action figures to bed so he'd be playing with them instead of his penis. He finally grew out of it! Hope something helps - it can be a bit jarring for us moms to see our little sons so fixated on their penises so early ;)

Angela - posted on 03/25/2010




Hi Sarah

This is such a natural part of childhood for them, even girls do it too. Don't tell him to stop, it is part of his development and it is something men are famous for LOL!! Just teach him that it is ok to do at home but we don't do it in public.

Just remember it is natural and most kids this age do it, my son does (same age as yours) and that is fine, I have just taught him that it is ok in private but not in public.



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Hate to tell you, but it won't stop anytime soon! He's found a new body part and he pretty much thinks its cool. All you can do is remind him to keep his hands out of his pants when you see it. He is pretty young, but you could make him wash his hands every time as well, that may slow it down at least if he knows he has to take time out and get hands washed. Just a concequence for an action.

Kristin - posted on 03/25/2010




Yes, isn't that just a fun and fascinating body part. I've got two boys and they both did it. I started talking to them about how it's fine if they want to touch that, but it's best left to private time like the bath or their bedrooms. I also told them that nobody else gets to touch that without their permission.

Ultimately, this is a phase and it will pass kind of (grown men still hold their junk to self soothe). For the time being, just remind him that there is a time and a place for that and then redirect hm to something else. As for when he's tired, don't have him in public and put down stuff you don't mind washing frequently. Just be patient and this will pass. Good luck.

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