my 24 month old son hadly says 10-12 words , is he normal?


Amanda - posted on 01/19/2013




My daughter was a late talker, too. She didn't start talking until she was about 2 1/2. When she finally did start talkking, she had a speech problem. Sounded like she was leaving out letters and sounds. Like the J, the G and a few other blended consonants. It wasn't getting any better by the time she was 5, in fact, I was the only one who could understand her! Not good. I took her to speech therapists, doctors, you name it. They all said the same thing. She will have to do the work.
She is 11 now and STILL has a speech problem. My point is this: if your worried, start working with him immediately. As soon as you can, get him into speech therapy. It couldn't hurt, right? This problem has caused other problems for my daughter. She has been picked on, made fun of, and now she is very aggressive and sullen. I know her speech problem had something to do with it.
I don't want to scare you. Every child is different. He could just be a late talker. However, delayed speech is a sign of a problem sometimes. Better safe than sorry. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you have no problems at all with this.

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