My 3 year old daughter who is potty trained, has started peeing her pants all at once what do I do?

Sarah - posted on 04/20/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




When my daughter was about 2 we were training her big brother and she basically trained her self and for the past year almost has had no problems, starting a few days ago she has started peeing on the floor, her pants or on the bathroom floor with not a care in the world? HELP?!!


Sal - posted on 04/23/2011




i read this thinking i don;t remember posting this, it is exactly what i'm going through, and i don;t know, it didn't happen with my other 2, i have her tested for kidney infection or a uti and was clear, they also tested for diabities but that was clear too thankfully, she has massive big teeth comming and i'm going to blame the pain unless it doesn't stop , the chemist said it might be a weakening of her muscles but it happened almost over night so that seems unlikely, if it hasn't stopped in a few days they'll retest her urine and see if anything has developed, good luck


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Candi - posted on 04/24/2011




My daughter did this too. SHe was 2 when she potty trained herself and felt like a big girl. Her problem? She didn't like the underwear I put on her. No lie! As soon as I let her pick her own panties, she stopped. Some kids are weird

Amy - posted on 04/24/2011




Mine did that when she had juice. I don't know why, but she was around the same age - 3, WAS potty trained, then was having issues. We cut juices and just did water and she did so much better.

also, if it's all of a sudden - could it be a UTI?

Have her help wash out her panties - it really helped my daughter realize that it takes so much more time to wash and clean panties than to go to the toilet. Good luck. Not sure what's going on with yours, but it was sure frustrating with mine until we figured ours out. Good luck!

Amanda - posted on 04/24/2011




She might be feeling like she is growing up to fst if you have put new responsiblities on her or are expecting more then she feels she can do she might be regresing so you will see her as little again. My son was nearly potty trained at age 17 months only wet his diaper at night! But my sister and her baby son moved in with us with in just a couple of days and ever sence he has been wetting him self all day and night and even started acting fearful of the bathroom. His Dr thinks its because he feels like i am pushing him to be big and not a baby any more like his cousin but all he wants is for every one to treat them the same so he acts the same.

Schyla - posted on 04/23/2011




same thing happened with my 3 year old right after I had her little brother sometimes it can just be stress we too had her tested for bladder and kidney infections as well as UTI but nothing also she could be constipated take her in to be seen but also figure out if she's having any stress is there anything new going on something minor to you could be a big deal to her.

Samantha - posted on 04/23/2011




im not really sure- my niece did that - she was a little bit older they brought her to doc she had a kidney infection and a uti

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