My 3 year old is potty training and he wont go poop what tips do yall have to help me get him to go


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Tally - posted on 12/27/2009




I did the same as Sheryl and Temeka with a couple of my kids. But with my youngest one, I just did not have the time. It did take her a lot longer to learn... I used the pull ups, but eventually she did learn and it's behind us. I know that some children are scard to go poop. And I think my daughter was one of them.
If I were you I would first evaluate and ask yourself if you have the time to devote to cleaning a lot of messes. If yes, put on underware... and clean. If not, use the pull ups. Read "Potty" books a lot together and ( this works with some children but not all) set up a reward system making poo poo a much bigger reward the pee. But the main thing is No Pressure... I believe that's very important. It's frustrating a bit but take it from a mom who's raising 5 kids .... it will happen : )

Temeka - posted on 12/27/2009




It was the weirdest thing...I basically just let my son run around half naked - and like Sheryl, I had to clean up a lot of messes - but, I was busy in another room and my son came running to me telling me, "poo, poo". I just assumed he'd gone in his undies, but they were off. So, I went on the poo poo hunt, since he took those off frequently.'s the weird part. He had gone in his toilet!! And went EVERY time after that.

It just happened!! All by itself! I put NO pressure on him and like the experts say, it truly worked!

Now, my little side note - we went on vacation with the grandparents and had a long drive - because we were still new to the potty thing and he didn't use the big potties yet, we let him wear a diaper. He is no longer potty trained AT ALL! :-( So, we're starting from square one. It can be undone as quickly as it's done :-( Next time I'll know to hold off on ALL outside activities until it's set in I guess...:-)

Sheryl - posted on 12/27/2009




well what i did with my son was, i went ahead and put him in underwear! when he had to go he felt it big time! he poop in his underwear! i clean, but here the thing his never done it again! his gone on the potty every time. that what i did. when i was having that problem! hope that helps!

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