My 3 yr old cant put himself to sleep. Gave up dummy 4 weeks ago and at the same time rejected comfort pup! Once asleep will go for 10/11 hours. It can take 2 hours for him to go to


Yolanda - posted on 01/05/2013




I had to go slow, all of my kids were breast feed and could not go with out me. I had lay down with them in their room until they went to sleep. This lasted about 2 months but well worth it. I slowly started leaving them in there by them self for 1min then 2min and so on. I would say Mommy have to use the bath room I'll be right back or something. Eventually they would fall to sleep. If they make noise I would pop in to reassure them I was still there. Also wake you're son up early and if he gets sleepy don't let him nap for more than an hour. If he is sleeping long periods I would let him as long as he is not loosing weight and acting as though he is starvingwhen
he awakes. Some kids need more rest than others. I let my boys sleep in when they have nothing to do. My 11yr old still needs a nap after school. Hope this helps good luck.

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