my 31/2 year old will pee on the potty, but hide in a cornner to poop. What should I do?


Rachel - posted on 07/26/2015




You, Heather have hopefully evolved because even animals are more concious than you.

How can you punish a child for doing normal bodily functions?

DID YOU NOT KNOW THAT THIS creates severe psychoogical disorders that develop long into adulthood? Some therapist will be hearing her cry about how mommy didn't have the patience or intellect to not abuse her what she needed to be the most delicate and supportive of care.

You should not be advertising your ideas of abuse for other deplorable parents who should have never reproduced, such as yourself. So sorry for the child(ren) born unto you.


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Courtney - posted on 03/04/2009




Is that the little devil in the picture?  ;)  Don't let her wear diapers or pullups for a few days, maybe a weekend, then no more diapers at all.  Then start her on no underwear at all - when she shows improvement, move to underwear.   Meanwhile, tell her she needs to go to the potty to go pee and poo, but if she has an accident, she has to help you clean it up.   And you'll have to make up some clever explanation to encourage her not to freak out when you don't let her wear her diaper or her underwear.  My son thought the underwear were nice comfy diapers that happened to leak a little more.  They will feel things down there, the air and breeze, you know?  ;)  An alternative to this is the stark naked approach, but only do it in the summer.  You'll have to keep the kids contained in a pee-proof flooring room, so be prepared to entertain in them in the kitchen, for example, and in the backyard for a while. 

Now, I tried the above approach but I'm not sure if that is what did it in the end.  Peer pressure from friends at daycare and playgroup helped.  Most important was behavioral training them to physically associate going to the bathroom for pee and poo... which is done by taking them every half-hour, while they have no diaper on under everything, to the bathroom.  It's not a question of if they want to go, it's ok, it's time, we're going to the bathroom again, let's go!  Use a timer to keep it consistent and so it makes a noise the kid can associate to like Pavlov's dog.  Well, hopefully they won't pee themselves when they hear the kitchen timer go off one day when they're older ;)

Jamie - posted on 03/04/2009




I feel your pain, in a way. My son, also 3anda half, is going to the bathroom on the toilet, but only pee. He is still pooping on his little potty! It is frustrating to me because I am still cleaning up poop. I asked him the other day when he was going to start going on the toilet and he didnt answer so maybe he is not ready. I am stressing a little though because he will be starting preschool in September and what if he has to go there?

Heather - posted on 03/04/2009




That is very typical! Make him wear only underwear...if you haven't tried it already. One of my friends' had that problem with her oldest, she gave him cold showers if he pooped anywhere but the potty. Sounds cruel, but it worked after about 4 times. Another friend just put up with the mess...her son wore underwear, but would try to hide it by taking them off after he pooped. It seems he is old enough to know better. I actually disciplined my daughter (consistently) for 3 days until she started going on the potty. You just have to find what works for your son. There is a book that is great...called "Potty Training 1 2 3" by Gary Ezzo. He has some really good ideas!

Emily - posted on 03/03/2009




Has she ever successfully gone in the toilet? I had the same problem when I was potty-training my first. She was just apprehensive about it. So I had to follow her around for 3 days and never give her a moment to herself unless she was asleep. She held it for 3 days until she just couldn't anymore, and once she went once, she was okay with it. It was a pain to be that attentive for those days, but it really did work.

Heather - posted on 03/03/2009




have you tried a potty treat? have her pick out a treat your okay giving her anything from stickers to s few m&ms will work. when she poops in the potty or even just sits to try at first give her a treat. use lots of encouragment and stay with her in the bathroom to cheer her on. make sure the treat is small and you discuss it all the time how special these treats are b/c that means she went poop in the potty like a big girl!!! Encourage the Big Girl conversations too!! Good Luck!

Sadan - posted on 03/01/2009




My daughter is almost 3 and does it if I don't get her diaper off as soon as she wakes up in the morning. I'll be making coffee and wonder where she the corner of her room pooping! I just tell her that diapers are only for night time and we always poop in the potty. I just have to remember to take that diaper off as soon as she wakes up!

Ashley - posted on 02/28/2009




if they have a favorite corner they go to do this then set the potty in that corner until your child is consistently goin on the potty then you can decide if its the right time to move it

Stephanie - posted on 02/28/2009




my son used to wait until nap time and then poop in his room when I left. I started putting the potty in there and took off his pants/underpants. First day, he pooped and was so proud, I left it there for about a week and we have finally moved to the bathroom. I think all he needed was privacy. Good luck

[deleted account]

I def hear you on this one. My daughter turned 4yrs in January and she used to pee on the potty but now she doesn't even do that. She even used to have a bm in her diaper go into the bathroom and empty it into the toilet then wipe. Some mornings she will start out in undies go on the potty but when she feels that she going to have a bm she changes herself into a diaper and hides. I've tried rewards, stickers, verbal praise. I've tried the ok it's time to go potty but she tells me she doesn't have to go. I have tried to be a little more forceful and I can see the embarrasement in her face. She now tells us that she will do it when she is 5. LOL Now my son I also had a hard time but once I left him alone one day he just decided he didn't want diapers anymore.

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