My 4 year old is terrified of going to sleep in her room, any advice on how to get us through this?

Kerry - posted on 09/12/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 4 year old daughter has been terrified to sleep in her room for the past week now. I believe she had a nightmare. We have tried different things to try and comfort her, but no success. Any advice? Thank you


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Skittles - posted on 09/13/2009




My DD had that for the longest time so I got her a dream catcher and hung it over her bed I told her that when she dreams they go up into the catcher and it only lets the good dreams trickle back in her head. The bad dreams get cought in the bead on the catcher and go away never to be seen again. She always sleeps well with that in her room and she thinks its pretty too

Engela - posted on 09/13/2009




Hi there.My son also 4 years,he also was afraid to sleep in his room.We brought a nice lamp off his choice(not to light) and told him that there are nothing to be scared off anymore.He slept like a baby.Good luck

Jane - posted on 09/12/2009




address her fears and try focusing on something different at bedtime. my daughter loves her twilight turtle. it projects stars all over the walls and ceiling.

Mandy - posted on 09/12/2009




My daughter also had this problem. every night at bed time I had to go into her room and do my little speech. For some reason she was sure there were witches, bears ghosts, etc in her room . So I would go in there and say It's night, night time for Emmy so all you ghost, witches, bears, etc have to leave and can not come back. It's Emmy's bed time and she needs her sleep and she is going to have good dreams.SO GO HOME NOW!! It seemed to work. Some nights I would have to tweek it to whatever her fear was but she did outgrow it.

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