My 5 month old won't sleep in his crib, help!

Andi - posted on 04/09/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




The only way he will sleep in his crib is if he is completly asleep before I put him in it. As soon as I lay him down he starts crying and trying to sit up. So, he usually ends up naping in my arms. At night I make sure he is totally asleep and limp before puting him in his crib and then he wakes up every couple of hours and is really hard to get back down so he ends up sleeping with us.

What to do? :(


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Andi - posted on 04/09/2009




Thanks for the replys ladies. I'm afraid I might have to let him "cry it out" but I was really trying to avoid that. I tried getting him on a schedule and bedtime routine but then I got a cold (and I think he probably got it) and that just threw everything out of whack! I thought since we were both miserable and really needed the sleep that I would let him sleep with us until we got over the cold. Unfortunatly he got used to it and to make things worse I think I've got that same cold again! I think it I had started this the right way from the beginning that it would be easier. Who knows, maybe I'll have better luck with the next one.

Tiffany - posted on 04/09/2009




I know this is very stressful and it is hard to hear your baby crying for you, but they need to learn how to fall alseep and re-settle themselves on their own to develop healthy sleep habits. This can be difficult to do at five months because he has already developed the habit of falling asleep with you holding him. I've used the Babywise method on all three of my children and I know various other mom's that have used it and it works quite sussefully. It does not deprive your child and you are always in control of what is best for your child at any given time. I suggest reading the book and making a decision because starting a cycle of having your child sleeping in your bed isn't healthy for them or you in the long run and it will only get harder the longer it goes on. Also, it can be very hard for mom's to do, but letting them cry for 20 mins. will not harm a baby and they will learn how to self sooth as Sarah mentioned (and they won't love you any less or remember it when they're 10 or feel that you neglected them - they do not retain these things in their long term memory). You are the parent and YOU decide what is best for your child, not them. They do not know what is best for them, they only know what they want and they always want mom - babies and children are infinitely selfish and it is us to the parents to maintain what is best for them.

Good luck and best wishes!

Sarah - posted on 04/09/2009




Take a deep breath.  You need to figure out what is really important to you, and what are your priorities. Having the baby in bed with you may be what works for your house. How do you all get the best sleep? At 5 months old,  I'm sure he still wants the mommy comfort. He still thinks that the two of you are one person, the idea of the two of you existing separately is not even plausible for his brain yet. Maybe take a weekend and try experimenting with what will work.

Sometimes, circumstances are such that they need to learn to self sooth, and cry it out. I personally think that 5 months is a bit early for that lesson. Let me know if you want to discuss further or have any other questions.

Sarah Sterchi

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