My 5 year old still has a dummy for bed

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My son loves his dummy, he would have it all day if he had his way, I do let him have it for bed and sometimes if he needs calming down like me he suffers from a bad temper, as I have grown up I have learned to deal with my temper but as yet he has'nt learnt this for himself. Dont get me wrong Im not a pushover mum I belive in disipline completly and In all other aspects Im very strict but I belive he is happier with it. I am aware of the problems assosiated with dummy use such as tooth and speach problems and do look out for these I also have a 3 year old who is not as bad, but more has hers out of habit and I do try to keep the dummys out of the way and only give them out when asked for at bedtime (although quite often I will find one of them hiding behind a pillow on the sofa thinking I cant see them). Should i be more strict and bin them completly????


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Hiya, this is a tricky on to be honest, if he was having it in the day then i would think hmmm but i dont see any problems in the night if its only at bed time as children dont need to be able to talk when they are asleep, so why cant a child have something that soothes them, at the end of the day in my opinion when the child is ready to give up the dummy then they will give it up, trust me. My step son still has a dummy and he is 5, but he knows he can only have it at bed time...

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HI! Yay someone else who didn't believe in ripping away a childs comforter at first oppurtunity! My daughter was four when i really decided to take it off her (she used it to sleep and slept from 7 at nite till 8 in the morning so why disrupt that?) I said to her casually one day What kind of special toy would you like if you decided to throw away your dummy? You let mummy know when you want to be a big girl and throw it away and we'll go right to the shop after daddy gets home and get it for you. Would you believe she wanted to throw it out there and then? So i didn't stop her. She threw it in the bin and we went and got her a bedtime my little pony baby. She had a big cry that nite but went to sleep. that was about it. shes been with out about 4 months now. and because she watched the rubbish trucks take it away and it was her decision she had to live with it!

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my daughter is also 5 and loves her soother, she also only gets it at night and she refuses to throw it away she says she will when she wants to.

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Stuffed animal...Then maybe he can like lots of different ones...Good luck & watch some super nanny!

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I completely understand my daughter is nearly 4 and i cant get the dummy off her ...I feel so mean to take it away as it makes her feel i understand how you feel.....:-)

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there was an episode of supernanny where the little girl was the same as u descirbe your son. she told the little girl that the pacey or dummy fairy needed all the paceys for little babies to have that didnt have any (or something to that effect) and had the little girl seal them in a brown envelope and put it on the doorstep andit seemed 2 work. i dont have any personal experiance my son would never take a pasey

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I would try to get him interested in something else, such as a blanket or stuffed animal. We had a horrible time with my daughter, she would take her younger brother's paci whenever she could, finally she got interested in something and picked out a doll. My oldest son only liked one kind and one night we literally lost it, he didn't want one of the others, so there ended his paci time. In the end it will be better to get rid of them, but I know it takes time and patience.

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i would get ride of them completely. it may be hard at first but better in the long run. its horrible for there teeth that's the biggest reason you should do away with them. since your son is older i would take him to the store have him pick out something special a stuffed animal special pillow with his favorite character on it our blanket and let him know that there is no more dummy's and by giving them up you get something special to take to bed at night.

Ciara - posted on 08/15/2009




If it were me I would have gotten rid of it along time ago.. replace it with a favorite blankey or a stuffed animal.. it'll be hard at first but you can do it! :)

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