My 6 month old can't crawl or sit up on her own, is she falling behind?


Amy - posted on 01/22/2010




I dont think so, I have had 4, and all of them wer different, my oldest never crawled, but started walking at 8 months, my daughter crawled at 5 months, my younger son didn't crawl til' he was 7 months and didn't walk til he was 11 1/2! who knows what the baby will do! I wouldn't compare your little one to other babies, doesnt matter they all do it differently

Jessica - posted on 01/22/2010




Hi Diana, i'm no expert but what helped my son is to just pick up a applebox from any fruit and veg shop and let him sit in it and play with toys. It helps him to make his hips stronger when he tilts to the sides. Just put a pillow on his legs for a few times so that he doesn't fall forward. It sounds weird but it really works! And if that doesn't help, i think as soon as she feels ready it will happen, my friends baby sat at 9 months and started crawling at 10 months.

Andra - posted on 01/22/2010




All children are different my first daughter was walkin by 8 months but my next one didnt crawl till 8 months and my little boy who is 9 and a half months now only started crawling at 7 1/2-8 months old and he didnt sit up properly on his own until he started crawling.. and even then it took a couple of weeks b4 he had the hang of sittin up and keeping his balance...

Carrie - posted on 01/22/2010




As the two others have said, NOT at all. My girls were a little over 6 months before they were sitting on their own. And they both didn't crawl until they were 10 and 11 months old. It will come soon...and then you'll be chasing her all around...enjoy these times, they go by so fast!

Lisamarie - posted on 01/22/2010




Not at all! My son is 6 months and he cant sit up or crawl, in fact he hates being on his stomach! All babies develop at different stages it just means she is concentrating on other aspects of her development! :)


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David - posted on 03/12/2013




My daughter is 6 months and can't hold her balance and struggles to roll sometimes but putt her in walker and jungle gym to try and get her using her legs crawling dnt bother me asking as shelearn to walk by the age of 1 I'm happy

Tiffany - posted on 01/23/2010




A lot of babies aren't crawling until later these days because they're not sleeping on there stomachs. Since most babies are put to bed on there back they aren't building the strength in there arms as quickly as they used to. My son started the commando crawl when he was about 7 1/2 months. He started really crawling at 9 months and now I can't keep up with him. You will be amazed, one day she will just start crawling out of the blue and then you will long for the days when she just stayed in one spot.

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I found this quote from an article I read: "Your baby will probably learn to sit independently between the ages of 4 and 7 months. This is about the same time that he'll master rolling over and holding his head up. About 90 percent of babies can sit well for several minutes without support by the time they're 8 months old. (Even babies who've mastered sitting will topple over eventually, often because they lose interest in being upright.)" As far as crawling, I wouldn't worry about it. Some babies don't crawl. They scoot or roll and then go straight to walking. That's what my son did.

Sheree - posted on 01/23/2010




I wouldnt think so. The average age for a baby to sit unaided is 7-8 months, obviously others do it earlier and others later and crawing is going to come after this.

Kerry - posted on 01/22/2010




hi i wouldn't worry too much about your daughter not crawling yet my daughter didnt crawl into she was 10 months n then only bum shuffled then on her 1st birthday stood up and ran. good luck xx

Tcordukes - posted on 01/22/2010




i wouldn't worry my daughter didn't crawl until she was 10 mths yet my son was 5 mth and they where probably the other way around with sitting up my son could crawl but not sit up id think he was between 8-10mth when he did, all children develop at all different stages, u never know she might never crawl she will just stand up one day and walk off lol.......

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