My 6 year old and 2 month old are driving me mad

Marie - posted on 12/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




hello beautiful mothers i have a couple children I've been staying at home for almost a year and a half now my baby will not stop crying when i put her down so I'm delayed with chores errands etc. then my 6 year old always wakes her up as soon as i have put her to sleep . i try and talk to her so she can get my point i have given her time out and spank her (which i feel so so awful afterwards) :'( i just cant seem to handle it please help me with some advice i'm in dire need !!!! i do have a very loving husband but he leave at 6:30 am and comes until 8:30pm and i m so embarrassed to share this with him


Szilvia - posted on 12/20/2013




I am so sorry :( You seem very stressed. Does your 6 year old go to school? That might be the best time for you to get things done while your baby is napping. Try not to stress about it and remember that this is a stage and it will pass. Soon you will be looking back at your baby and he/she won't be a baby anymore and you will wonder where time went, you won't remember the house being a mess or the dishes you didn't wash. Both of my children were like that, they loved to be held and gave me a hard time if I put them down. With my first one it frustrated me some days but now I am cherishing it and holding him while I still can because soon he won't want to be held and will be running all over causing trouble :)

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