my 7 mounth old will not eat baby food, just formula..what can i do


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I nursed my son until he was about 6 1/2 months old (yes it wore me out!) Every time I tried giving him solids he would throw up EVERYTHING in his stomach.  So we played it by ear until he was ready.  I too make my own baby food.  The commercially prepared stuff is nasty!  I wouldn't eat it.   Maybe your baby just isn't ready yet?

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Any luck with the cereals? My daughter will eat anything mixed in oatmeal. Start out really runny and thicken over time. Maybe she's teething too, my daughter, on occasion, will sometimes refuse to eat but a little oragel and she's happy as a clam.

Brooke - posted on 03/11/2009




thank you but I started off making my own food because my two year old loved it but no go with the 7 month old, thanx anyways

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A friend of mine said her two kids refused the jarred baby food so she just started mincing everything super tiny and they ate it. You could try that.  All three of my kids ate the baby food, then at 12 months, our food so I can't offer any other advice.

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